We use recyclable packaging

We use recyclable packaging in Melbourne

PakCo, a Melbourne food packaging supplier, understands the importance of sustainability, especially within the manufacturing sector. This is why we have come up innovative packaging solutions to make quality recyclable and customizable packaging that keeps up with modern state-of-the-art designs for our esteemed clients.

For a start-up or business new to the manufacturing process, it is vital to find the right packaging suppliers for the packaging of your products. This is why PakCo should be everyone’s go-to sustainable packaging provider, as we make it easier to opt for eco-friendly packages for businesses of all types and sizes.

Our one of a kind clean and green packaging solutions not only protect products and helps market them, but also safeguards the Earth in many ways.

We Help Decrease the Carbon Footprint

With our climate slowly disintegrating, and general public blaming it on large scale manufacturers, PakCo’s recyclable box packaging protects the environment.

By using recycled materials, natural resources are not over-exploited or wasted for production purposes. Moreover, by keeping disposed packaging out of incinerators and landfills, very few emissions, that aid to global warming, are produced.

Recyclable Packaging Keeps Litter Out of the Oceans

PakCo’s exceptional recyclable packaging in Melbourne protects our oceans by:

  1. Reducing the amount of ‘new plastic’ in circulation;
  2. Keeping plastics out of the ocean; and
  3. Preserving endangered marine ecosystems, upon which we are highly dependent.

PakCo Package Boxes are Compostable

As the alternative to plastic, our package boxes are made from biodegradable materials such as biopolymers. Within a small time period, once disposed of, the compostable packaging decomposes into natural elements in a compost environment, leaving behind no toxicity.

This caters to the possibility of consumers opting out of recycling.

Production Consumes Less Energy

Recycling is an element of the ‘Circular Economy’, which makes manufacturing processes quite efficient. With studies proving that the energy needed to obtain recyclable materials is much less than that used to obtain virgin raw materials, PakCo’s unique customizable product packaging in Melbourne is more proficient.

This not only makes us more cost-effective, but also resourceful and efficient. Our box packaging will reduce your financial costs in terms of getting supplies and production, as well as your time.

Your products in custom packaging will be outputted at a relatively faster pace. This will prevent any delays or shortages from your end, and save you tonnes in storage costs, increasing profits.

A Better Brand Image To Create Brand Affinity

Setting aside all the ecological benefits our packaging products entail, they also help boost company sales. Environment-friendly packaging improves a firm’s brand image by ten folds, because it shows that the company is a responsible one.

With today’s consumers being highly aware, and conscious of their decisions, firms that make use of obsolete production processes that leave a large carbon footprint are slowly losing business. Therefore, it is vital for you to be the company that they respect by selecting sustainable package suppliers like PakCo.

By making use of recyclable and eco-friendly packaging, consumers who learn of your sustainable decisions will opt for you over those who use plastic packaging, further increasing not only your profits but also your Return on Investments (ROI).

We go above and beyond to create recycylable packaging that is not aesthetic to hook potential customers but also sturdy to protect your products.

"I liked them because they are strong, do the job, and what I need for my company and they arrived on time."

Team Up With PakCo

We at PakCo address the growing demand for innovative, sustainable and customizable packaging choices.

Our top-notch technology, innovative packaging techniques, and skilled team of professionals allow us to successfully complete projects – big and small.

By minimizing any negative environmental impact, we make sure our clients make a positive impact in the world while scaling their business.

In case you are looking for premium quality and cost-effective recycling packaging service, get in touch with us!

To find out more email the team at PakCo at orders@pakco.com.au. Or speak to us by calling: (03) 9751 7977.

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