Food Manufacturing in Australia

Food Manufacturing in Australia

The Australian beverage and food industry have the largest contribution to the country’s manufacturing sector. Their annual turnover is a massive $50 billion on average, and is greater than 18 % of the total manufacturing turnover!

As a major and rapidly evolving manufacturing employer in Australia, this industry has the fastest growth rate in the region.

The output of the food manufacturing industryconsists of a diverse range of grocery and food products that include pet food, seafood, confectionery, sugar, bakery products, cereal and flour products, vegetables and fruits, beverages, dairy products, and processed meats.

These products are not only consumed within Australia but are exported around the globe where they are popular due to their high quality and flavor.

Recognizing the growing importance of the food manufacturing industry, we at PakCo decided to delve deep within – and emerge as premium quality food manufacturers.

PakCo's offer

Let us have a look at what this industry and PakCo has to offer for the food-lovers in Australia.

  • Marinated Meat

It has been observed that over the past decade the demand for meat products has increased by 10% allowing this sector of the industry to expand and flourish. To increase the convenience for domestic users, retailers have begun providing more practical options.

After increasing the stock-keeping units, retailers now provide meatloaf, beef cheek, brisket, and short ribs packaged in aluminum containers that are ready to be cooked at home. In addition to these, a variety of pre-cooked meat products are also very popular in the region.

  • Processed Vegetables

The local manufacturers face fluctuations in consumer demands when it comes to processed vegetables. Health-conscious customers prefer fresh produce over tinned vegetables.

On top of this, the cheaper imported tinned produce makes it difficult for small scale local manufacturers to grow due to high production costs.

  • Fruit Juice Manufacturing

This sector has a strong competition between healthy beverages and high sugar content juices. Over the last five years, tough competition in the sector has led to an increase in demand for private label products.

Healthy beverages have become a huge attraction for health-conscious customers and fitness-enthusiasts.

  • Processed Cheese

Who doesn’t love cheese? This absolute favorite snack for many domestic users. Australian manufacturers have a wide array of processed cheese types ranging from cheddar to goat cheese and feta.

Due to the increased demand, many local manufacturers are producing an increased variety of specialty cheeses. It is amongst the fastest growing sectors of the food manufacturing industry.

  • Craft Beer

Despite a drop in beer consumption across Australia the beer manufacturing sector is rapidly growing. The international demand for Australian beer is driving this business on the road to success. In addition, beer is more popular in the younger generation thus providing extra support to this sector.

  • Wine Manufacturing

Australian wine manufacturing sector is primarily growing and expanding due to its increased international demand. Over the last couple of years, Australian wine export has increased by 11%. Overseas customers prefer this wine due to its premium quality and high affordability.

"I liked them because they are strong, do the job, and what I need for my company and they arrived on time."

The Bottom Line

The Australian food manufacturing industry continues to bloom and excel on both domestic and international fronts. As a leading packaging supplier and food manufacturer in Australia, PakCo is proud to be a part of this prosperous industry.

We have a state-of-the-art facility where we can look after your food manufacturing needs allowing you to expand your business.

Contact us for further details regarding our premium services.

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