Sachet Packaging Equipment


Packaging holds great importance in a business. It not only plays a vital part in selling a product but also enhances customer experience.

But where do unique and alluring packaging come from?

Yes, you guessed it right, from efficient packaging equipment.

The packaging industry has evolved with time, and businesses now pay immense attention to packaging equipment. That is the reason why a diverse range of equipment is available now.

Every packaging machine is custom made for a specific type of packaging products.

What is Sachet Packaging Equipment?

A sachet packaging machine obliterates all sorts of hindrances which may arise in manual packaging.

Sachet packaging was introduced by brands to make more market within a minimum budget. This led to the introduction of sachet packaging equipment, and since then, the market of sachets has only expanded.

Importance of Equipment in Packaging Products

Packaging machines are the cornerstone of packaging suppliers business.

Packaging equipment bring the following expedient features to your business;

  • Reduced labor charge
  • Better working conditions
  • Improved efficiency
  • Custom packaging designs

Types of Sachet Packaging Equipment

There are generally two types of sachet packaging machines;

  1. Vertical Form Fill Seal (VFFS) Packaging Equipment
  2. Automatic Sachet filling machines

Both of these machines are reasonably effective in their working, but automatic machines have a slight edge over the VFFS machines.

  1. VFFS Packaging Equipment

Usually, form fill seal machine is put to work in the packaging industry. This equipment does three main functions: forming sachets, filling the content inside the sachets and finally sealing the sachets.

A significant production benefit associated with VFFS machines is that they take up less space on the floor and produce packaging at lucrative costs. Therefore, it is the foremost choice of many front-runners of the industry.

Moreover, VFFS machines have a sub-type known as “Multilane Stick Pack and Sachet machines”. These machines are specialized in making fill and steal stick pack and sachet sorts of flexible packaging.

  1. Automatic Sachet Filling Machines

The automatic sachet machines are flexible and can fill any sachet. They have an in-built system for packaging your sachets in packaging boxes to aid you in picking them up for transport.

Moreover, it also gives you an option to regulate the number of sachets that you want it to produce. The extreme flexibility of automatic sachet filling machines enables them to perform a variety of tasks at once. This means plenty of customers can be served at the same time with the same machine.

However, these machines are a bit costly than VFFS machines due to their multitasking feature.

Why choose Sachet Packaging Equipment?

There are plenty of reasons why customers so readily choose sachet packaging and filling machines. The benefits of sachet packaging machines are as follows:

  • Beneficial in Domestic and Global Industry

Sachet packaging equipment is an affordable piece of technology that has widespread application both locally and internationally. It is widely used in powder, tea, ketchup industry all across the globe.

  • Speedy Production

The production rate of sachet packaging machines is fast with a short timeline. Some of the machines have regulators installed that let you control the number of sachets to be produced in a minute.

  • Reliability

Sachet packaging equipment is a built-in way to work 24/7 for you. Due to the highest quality engineering, these machines stick to the production plan with efficiency.


If you run a pharmaceutical, nutritional, detergent, coffee or food business, you surely would know the importance of sachet packaging.

PakCo uses the best sachet packaging equipment in the industry to make its client’s bespoke, finest and top-notch sachet packaging to help make a brand image for the client.

"I liked them because they are strong, do the job, and what I need for my company and they arrived on time."

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