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With the evolution of marketing strategies, there are now diverse and innovative customizable packaging designs available to stand out from others.

What’s the biggest concern of a food manufacturer? To get tailor-made, durable, and reliable packaging supplies for the food product with no minimum order quantity constraints.

But not many packaging companies offer no minimum order quantity services. They have set a minimum order limit to be safe from any financial loss - a bit selfish approach, we think.

PakCo Food Packaging

PakCo is a leading food packaging supplier in Melbourne. Using modern and state of the art techniques, PakCo gives you a bespoke, sustainable, and creative solutions for your food packaging problems.

We have a team akin to the importance of packaging in the marketing of food products, that have all the experience in giving personalized, high-quality services to our customers.

With no minimum order quantity constraints – we offer our services to all enterprises; regardless of size and stature. From the largest to the smallest, all are our clients, and deserve truly the best.

Why PakCo?

You made a delicious snack, now its time to share it with the world. Being the best packaging suppliers, we make customized food packaging having every essential ingredient to preserve your food product.

We provide:

  • Sustainable and digital packaging
  • High-quality designs to showoff the product
  • The metalized barrier to keep the product fresh
  • No minimum order quantities
  • Bespoke designs

Seasonal promotional food packaging

PakCo Food Packaging-No Minimum Order Quantity PakCo

PakCo has found a solution for the manufacturer’s gravest problem. How so? Our customers are our biggest asset. To facilitate them, PakCo offers no minimum quantity order service.

Whether you need 1000 packaging boxes or have a 100 boxes promotional packaging order, we will provide maximum quality with the required quantity.

How Can No-Minimum Order Quantity Benefit You?

  • Promotional Packaging

No minimum order quantity restraint would keep you from introducing limited promotional or seasonal packaging for your food products. These promotional packaging can help you massively in branding your product or company.

  • Quality Check

With no minimum limit on the quantity, you can courageously try a packaging company while ordering for the first time.

Even if the quality of the packaging is below your expectations, you will suffer lesser damage than you could have with a minimum order quantity of 500 or 1000 packages.

  • Support Your Business

If you are a new business with no limited capital, no minimum order quantity can help you get up and running.

  • No Extra Cost

Customer service and customer care is our utmost value at PakCo. Therefore, the cost of our packaging remains the same. Whether you need a smaller quantity or a bulk order, we will always charge you the same price.

How PakCo Delivers?

As already mentioned, PakCo has a no minimum order quantity policy, just for our treasured customer. But how do we deliver this service when everyone else has a MOQ?

The answer is quite simple. We have a team that is bent on providing our customers with bespoke and premium quality packaging and to help take their businesses on to the next level.

We have such workforce and digital processes that enable us to complete smaller business runs and deliver prototypes with no minimum order quantities.


The packaging brands your products and company more than anything else. That is why it should be sustainable and creative.

However, where most food manufacturers suffer when it comes to minimum order quantities, you don’t have to.

PakCo packaging has a solution for you and everyone else. We provide custom-made, premium quality, cost-effective food packaging in Australia with no minimum order requirement.

"I liked them because they are strong, do the job, and what I need for my company and they arrived on time."

For More Information

Email the team at PakCo at Or speak to us by calling: (03) 9751 7977.

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