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PakCo is the ultimate food manufacturer in Melbourne, Australia that sets the bar higher for all the food manufacturers out there.

Thanks to its years of experience, PakCo has mastered the art of food manufacturing.

From mixing and blending to packaging and shipping all types of food ingredients, we do it all.

Our expert staff uses technology that’s flexible and capable of outputting a variety of food products.

We can mix and manufacture both soft and hard foods. Our machines can handle raw foods of all sizes and textures.

Below is a brief example of the food categories PakCo works with:

  • Nuts, grains, and seeds.
  • Powders
  • Bakery blends.
  • Gums and gelatin.
  • Meats – Vegetables.

Why Us?

PakCo sifts through and uses high-quality ingredients to ensure the manufacture of food exactly according to the requirements.

We ensure that your products are produced at a high standard before packaging. We also follow strict hygiene procedures, ensuring a lack of impurities or contamination.

Apart from quality, we also focus on affordability. Providing cost-effective food manufacturing services, PakCo goes above and beyond to make sure you can get manufactured food at an economical rate without compromising on quality. Thus, we are the go-to choice of startups and businesses new to the food manufacturing process, looking for the best food manufacturer Melbourne.

Additionally, we output your products at a fast pace, thus saving you storage costs and delays in fulfilling your orders!

Consider Us a Part of Your Food Manufacture Business

PakCo’s manufacturing process is turnkey.

We take care of all the necessary steps while informing you of each step. As a result, you can consider us a department of your food/beverage enterprise.

With PakCo, you can manufacture your foods on a budget, with minimal delay, and at high standards! We are on a mission to take food manufacturing in Australia to the next level.


PakCo is a one-stop-shop for all your food manufacturing needs.

Our services are designed to help businesses even with little knowledge of the food manufacturing process – especially startups.

We manage all logistics related to making, storing, and shipping your products so that you can focus on other important aspects of your business. We ensure that you never have to seek multiple facilities simply to fulfill a shipment and that everything is in order.

Manufacturing All Types of Food Equipment

PakCo can manufacture all foods and beverages, including special recipes and organic foods (with small shelf lives).

Our holistic food manufacture list includes:

  • Grains and legumes.
  • Sports supplements and powders.
  • Food sauces and pastes.
  • Seasoning sachets.
  • Instant meals.
  • Cold beverages.

The list is endless. We can adapt to any food or beverage recipe you bring us!

High-Tech Equipment

Our food manufacturing equipment is made with the latest advanced technology to ensure quality products rendered to your needs.

Our machines are utilized to:

  • Mix and blend raw materials per your instructions.
  • Produce well-designed and sellable packages for your products.
  • Pack thousands of product units per hour.

PakCo’s Advanced Food Production Process

Using up to date advanced equipment and highly specialized labor, we aim to follow a systematic production process to provide quality food products, as contract manufacturing is our key focus.

Our process starts from sourcing the best raw materials and putting them through a thorough process of extrusion and filtration along with dry spraying to ensure that only the good stuff makes it through.

We also provide the facility of dry blending, mixing, and liquid blending, upon request.

After your specified food product is manufactured, our team of professionals carefully package it in either bulk, retail-size pouches, drums, or boxes, to be shipped off. While we provide our own packaging, upon request, we also cater to your personalized packaging. After all, our priority is customer satisfaction.

Certified Food Manufacturer – With High Hygiene Standards

In our books, quality is synonymous with good hygiene standards; hence, PakCo follows strict in-house hygiene procedures and safety precautions during the manufacturing process.

We only allow a select few essential employees to be near the raw materials and the products during its manufacturing stage, to prevent even the slightest possibility of contamination. With special equipment and strict health standards ensued in the factory, we ensure quality and hygiene of the final food mix.

Before and after use, all of our machines are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, with parts replaced after every job – ensuring no foreign ingredients ever enter your mix!

"I liked them because they are strong, do the job, and what I need for my company and they arrived on time."

Professional Food Manufacturing Services

Among the list of renowned food manufacturers in Australia, PakCo stands at the top. This is primarily because of it’s commitment to quality coupled with specialized staff and state of the art machinery.

Partner with us today!

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