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Offering premium quality bespoke packaging services, PakCois the ultimate outsourcing solution for your business.

As a leading packaging supplier and food manufacturer, we offer a wide array of services. Each service has been specially crafted to fulfill your needs and help you expand your business; one product a time.


First impressions matter a lot when it comes to product marketing. The outlook of your product should not only fascinate the customers but encourage them to try it out. Poorly designed and low-quality packaging is most likely going to diminish sales.

Our aesthetic and creative packaging designs are going to be your ultimate sales agents in competitive markets. Each packaging at our facility is composed after thorough market research, increasing its probability of becoming a success.

Packaging Designers and Packaging Design

Here at PakCo we have a team of adept designers and industrial experts with decades of experience in the field. They can craft ideal packaging for your product within no time. Our alluring designs will boost your business by attracting a greater percentage of potential buyers, and allowing your enterprise to capture a greater market share.

We ensure that each design complements the product, maximizing its efficiency

Types of Packaging

With years of experience as an excelling packaging supplier, PakCo offers a wide array of packaging types. We specialize in customizable packaging and can help you get the ideal packaging for your product.

Our diverse range of packaging solutions includes doypacks, foil pouches, stand up pouches, flat pouches, food-grade packaging, sprout pouches, gift boxes for wholesale, liquid and gel packaging, heat seal packaging, fabric packaging, box packaging, and much more.

At PakCo, you need only ask and it will be provided.

Product Packaging

Packaging products is not a task for amateurs. Inept packaging can drag you down and hinder your progress.

We can make your product stand out on crowded shelves and competitive markets. No matter what shape or size, we have an innovative and captivating packaging solution for your product. Our experts can compose the perfect outlook for your product whether it's a powder, gel, or liquid.

You can get customized boxes and add your personal touch to your packaging as well to truly have your product stand out.

Food Packaging Services

Food items require adequate packaging to ensure long shelf life and safety. Packaging plays a vital role in quality control when it comes to food products.

Our premium food grade packaging will protect your food product and keep it protected against contaminants. Customizable packaging is available for temperature-sensitive food items to increase the product life.

Coffee, Tea, and Hot Chocolate Packaging

We understand and value the hard work you have put in while crafting your product. That is why we dedicate time and attention while composing every packaging.

PakCo offers an extensive range of packaging solutions for your tea, coffee, and hot chocolates. Our packaging will act as bait while your product hooks the customer to it so they keep coming back for more.

Sachet Packaging and Filling

Here at our top of the line facility, we not only design amazing packaging for your product but offer a sachet filling services as well. Trust us to take care of your product and enjoy the ultimate packaging experience.

You can get your sachets customized by adding a few extra features of your choice to give them a personal touch.


Customers tend to associate the quality of packaging with that of the product.

This is why we at PakCo provide premium quality aesthetic packaging for all sorts of products. Team up with us to get bespoke packaging that will not only increase your sales but give you a huge edge over your competitors!

Contact us for further details.

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