Food Packaging During COVID-19


The spread of the novel coronavirus has highly impacted all sectors worldwide.

Health, educational, government, and almost all types of businesses have halted or suffered highly due to the widely spreading virus.

Since the graph has lowered for the past few days, things are going back to normal steadily but still the virus is not completely eradicated which means safety measures are still to be taken to keep ourselves uninfected.

The main concern raised for the packaging industries especially the food sector was the packaging for products during this pandemic. People became more and more concerned about food safety and hygienic conditions implemented during the packaging of food.

Although it is true that COVID-19 is a deadly disease and spreads quickly but it is also true that that the spread can be prevented if correct standard operating procedures are followed.

Transmission of Corona Virus through Food and Food Packaging

Covid-19 is a droplet infection and transfers from person-to-person through respiratory droplets. There is no evidence of the contraction of the virus through food or food packaging.

This is approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Australian government.

  • Transmission through Food

Covid-19 is not a foodborne disease thus it cannot infect a person if swallowed through foods or drinks. In fact, the coronavirus gets killed in the acidic environment of the stomach if somehow ingested.

  • Transmission from Food Packaging

Since the virus is a borderline living particle, it cannot remain viable outside the living cell i.e. surfaces of the packaging products for long. Therefore, if the packaging supplies are thoroughly sanitized and cleaned - there is a minimum chance of the presence of the virus on the packaging.

Safety measures taken at PakCo for Food Packaging

The safety and health of customers is PakCo’s first and foremost priority. PakCo has adapted to a number of safety measures during the ongoing pandemic.

Our expert team ensures that the packaging is contamination-free and cleaned before it reaches the customers. The packaging boxes are checked and sterilized before dispatching.

Have a look at some of the protocols we follow at PakCo to ensure virus free food packaging.

  • Proper Cleaning and Sanitization of Equipment

All the machines and equipment are sterilized before and after the packaging of a single batch. We use food-friendly sterilizers and other cleaning agents which do not disrupt the natural taste and composition of the food product.

  • Implementation of Standard Operating Procedures

Strict orders have been given to the workers to follow the SOPs as given by the government. They are instructed to maintain social distancing among each other and keep at least 6 feet distance between each other.

Also, masks are made compulsory. No one is allowed to enter without a mask. Sanitization gates are being installed at every entrance.

  • Reduction of Labor

Most people are advised to do work from home. And for the tasks that need manpower, labor is divided into shifts. Fewer people are present during the working hours, hence minimizing the chances of transmission of the virus.

  • Personal Protective Gears

All the individuals working in close proximity to the food products have been provided with a complete set of personal protective suits to prevent the contamination of food.


While no one can fully say when the virus will be fully eradicated, we at PakCo believe prevention is better than cure.

Therefore, we pay utmost attention to the packaging of your products – to ensure your health and safety.

"I liked them because they are strong, do the job, and what I need for my company and they arrived on time."

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