Packaging recyclers in Australia

Packaging recyclers in Australia

Today’s consumer is aware and informed. A high-quality product, wrapped up in attractive, customizable packaging, is hardly going to be enough to entice him.

Today’s consumer not only understands his responsibility towards the environment but also takes it extremely seriously.

Therefore, he wants to ensure that the brands he is affiliated with, also take this responsibility seriously. He wants to know that those organizations use recyclable packaging for products.

In recent years, companies, much like individuals, have taken significant steps to fulfill this responsibility towards our planet.

One of the best examples of recyclable packaging is 60BAG. This is a special kind of bag, designed using non-woven, viscose fabric, which decomposes after sixty days from the day it is discarded.

There are plenty of other creative and encouraging examples. In this article, we will discuss a few such packaging suppliers that focus on recyclability and eco-friendliness in their operations.

1. PakCo

This is the first organization on our list and for excellent reason. Assemco’s packaging division, PakCo, makes use of the latest techniques to ensure that they package products in an environmentally-friendly manner.

Biodegradable, reusable and compostable items are used to reduce carbon footprints, plastic wastage, and, ultimately, protect the planet.

PakCo is continually looking for new and innovative ways to give back to the environment, without compromising on the needs and requirements of its customers.

2. Green Pack

Green Pack provides a comprehensive range of sustainably-produced packaging in Australia. The company’s ‘green’ products include compostable cups, cornstarch containers, and compostable cutlery.

3. Brown Paper Packaging

This company is a wholesale supplier of gift boxes and wrapping paper, carry bags, and other packaging items. Their range of recycled products includes Brown Kraft carry bags, goodie satchels, and biodegradable mailboxes.

4. EarthPak:

This is the recycling division of CraftPak and makes boxes with one-hundred percent recycled cardboard. Recently, it has also started selling these cardboards separately.

5. PackQueen:

Their eco-friendly packaging supplies include a wide range of products, such as biodegradable boxes available in numerous shapes and sizes, as well as customizable packaging products to cater to specific customer demands.

6. Signet:

Working towards achieving the 2025 National Packaging Targets, Signet produces package supplies that are compostable, biodegradable, recyclable, re-usable, and made using renewable or recyclable products.

The product range includes food packaging materials such as wooden forks and compostable coffee cups, as wells as other items recyclable pallet pads and recycled mailing boxes.

7. Leisure Coast:

Believing in the 3 Rs (reuse, recycle, reduce), Leisure Coast provides a wide range of packaging supplies, such as dinnerware, food packaging, gift wrap, and cutlery.

8. Inke Packaging:

Specializing in wine packaging, Inke’s operations involve using recyclable materials, cutting down on wasted space, and using sustainable printing procedures.

"I liked them because they are strong, do the job, and what I need for my company and they arrived on time."

Benefits of Recycling Packaging

These are some of the ways how all local and global stakeholders can benefit from recycling packaging:

- It reduces carbon footprint.

- Easy to dispose of.

- Biodegradable.

- Flexible and versatile.

- Enhances brand image.

- No usage of harmful plastics.

- Leads to a reduction in shipping costs.

- Increases your customer base.

Previously, packaging was just considered the ‘waste’ aspect of a product, which was supposed to be torn apart and thrown away. However, with increasing consumer knowledge, this trend is rapidly reversing.

People all over the world understand the importance of packaging, and, more importantly, recyclable packaging. The trend of eco-friendly packaging is here to stay. If you wish to package your products effectively, while also giving back to the environment, feel free to contact Packo and benefit from a broad range of options, a talented team of designers, and the latest packaging technology.

'To find out more email the team at PakCo at Or speak to us by calling: (03) 9751 7977'

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