Looking for someone to solve all your liquid filling problems?

Hiring the right contract fillers means that your product and your business are in safe hands and closer to success than ever before.

Here, at PakCo, we cater to customized filling services, from start to finish, which can play an influential role in your company marketing a new item in the industry.

Providing Holistic Filling Services

From beginning to end, PakCo delivers quality. We are with you every step of the way to ensure that the results are better than even your wildest imaginations. Our filling services cater to a multitude of industries and product types, ranging from liquid pharmaceuticals to cosmetics and even beverages and cleaning fluids. You name an industry, and we have our role to play in it!

We specialize in filling beverages, cleaning fluids, wand tubes, dual-chamber bottles, bellow bottles, and much more. Special oils, soaps, washes, sprays, and gels are also on the list of our liquid filing services! On top of that, our custom filling services give you ample options for manufacturing and packaging your choice of product at reasonable quotes.

With highly specialized automatic equipment, no order, be it standard or custom is too big or too small for us. Hence, we can handle any project given to us – so sit back and relax while we get to work!

Specialized Facilities

We offer a variety of specialized facilities supervised by certified professionals with years of experience, to ensure that your filling solutions are tailored exactly to your needs.

Our experience is truly reflected in our work as we handle the following contract liquid filling areas:

  • Filling both food and non-food products.
  • A never-ending list of filling services.
  • Custom services catered to the client's requirements.
  • Formulating customer's products with blended and unique manufacturing equipment.
  • Inclusive filling amenities extend to labeling products as well.
  • Marking each product's unit with the lot of code and expiration dates.

Dealing in Multiple Shapes and Sizes

Customer satisfaction is one of our main goals; hence, our clients are free to select a variety of container shapes and styles that best fit their product's texture and consistency. While we provide standard sizes and shapes, our services extend to custom products to increase customer flexibility and choice.

Ranging from bottles, tubes, jars, and pouches, our filling services can handle anything from 500 ml bottles to 275-gallon totes. Yes! We can fill almost all containers you can think of, be it for commercial reasons, or for household use. If you want to bring us your own bottles that you have already manufactured, we will manage to fill them as well, along with handling the warehousing and supplier shipments.

Believe us when we say, PakCo is truly a one-stop to all your contract manufacturing and packaging needs!

Custom Contract Liquid Filling Solutions

Additionally, we do custom bottle designs. We'll happily create bottles that fit your vision of what suits your product best. In case you already have a design in mind, we will try our utmost to efficiently produce that while catering to the given filling and storage.

Also, you can bring us bottles that you’ve already manufactured, and we’ll manage everything else, up to the warehousing and supplier shipments. So in the end, there is little left for you to worry about.

During the process, we will keep you in the loop. Our team of professionals will assist you in designing the dimensions and any unique aspects that you would like to add in the bottle's shape and colors.


Incorporating High-Quality Materials

To serve you better, we regularly update our equipment as soon as new technologies hit the market. We find joy in providing clients with the best contract filling services available in Australia.

Rest assured, PakCo's contract liquid filling service is product friendly. We pick bottles that are specifically suited for your product. Additionally, we ensure that the material doesn't contaminate or affect the product's integrity, especially for beverages, by properly disinfecting and using the finest quality of raw materials available in the market. Our packaging is explicitly picked to maximize your products' shelf life as much as possible to uphold our dedication to excellence.


"I liked them because they are strong, do the job, and what I need for my company and they arrived on time."

Why Choose Us?

PakCo is devoted to using innovative approaches in creating award-winning product formulas and packaging. We guarantee to provide our customers with high quality, cost-effective products that are synonymous with a good long-term investment.

We rank in one of the top manufacturing and packaging companies in Australia because of our extensive commitment to providing high-quality services coupled with advanced technology and a skilled team of workers.

Let us get in sync with your creative liquid filling ideas by evaluating your company and product needs like the back of our hand for personalized contract solutions.

Make a smart decision for your business and partner with us today!

Contact us for more details on our liquid filling contract plans and projects.


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