Types of coffee packaging


Packaging is not just a pretty design.

Once we can truly internalize this thought; grasping the idea, art, and science behind packaging products is going to be much easier.

Proper packaging is essential for coffee beans. By keeping the beans protected against any sort of damage, package boxes or bags will significantly enhance their useful life.

Moreover, packaging food helps keep it healthy and fresh. This is a crucial factor, especially for someone who enjoys intense flavors since such flavors are only achievable by the process of exceptional preservation.

Alongside marketing and brand-recognition, these are the main reasons behind the development of coffee packaging, and in this article, we shall highlight some of the most useful types of such packaging.

1) Side-fold

Not only is this packaging type affordable and ergonomic, but it is also traditional - which is why it is one of the most popular ones, globally.

It is useful in any weather, and, owing to its dimensions and shapes, it is an excellent choice for brands looking for minimalistic branding.

One downside of this packaging type, however, is that it loses its stability when placed on flat, even surfaces, due to the folding towards the base.

2) Flat bottom

With an appearance like a box packaging, this is one of the most marketable and balanced packaging options on offer.

The Flat Bottom allows extra space which can be utilized for customized box designing, according to the brand’s preferences. This feature makes these designs stand out in comparison to other bags, at grocery stores and supermarkets.

The re-closable zipper adds to the desirability factor of these coffee bags.

3) Pillow Bags

The greatest attraction of the Pillow Bags packaging type for worldwide coffee store owners is their low cost.

Alongside being easy and cheap, packaging design makes fractional consumption convenient – in other words, the go-to option for small quantities, such as a single cup.

Pillow Bags are produced so excessively; you will find many restaurants just giving them away free of cost.

4) The ‘Doypack’

This unique design has a pointed top and a round bottom. Despite (or, perhaps, because of) its unorthodoxy, the DoyPack is one of the most sought-after coffee bags of the modern-day.

It is just impossible to ignore the contemporary aesthetics of this packaging style. These bags stand perfectly upright, regardless of the filling, weight, or size. Moreover, the package is accompanied by a convenient and durable zipper.

All these features make purchasing the Doypack worth every cent.

5) Bag-in-Bag (also known as ‘B-I-B’)

These coffee packs are also useful for fractional uses, available in larger packages to serve multiple purposes. These purposes range from selling coffee in larger quantities to catering for different kinds of food services.

Bag-in-Bag is just another type of food packaging which is very commonly used, since it is easy to design, cost-effective, and an indispensable item for almost every coffee shop.


In summary, there is no perfect style or design for coffee packaging.

While a brand looking for affordability might go for a Pillow Bag or B-I-B packaging type, the Doypack might be a good choice for a brand looking to be attractive and unique.

Therefore, before making choice of packaging, you must figure out the key objective of your brand behind packaging products.

If you find that difficult, visit us at PakCo for key insights to how your product’s packaging should be, and hand over the task to us – for attractive, unique, and compelling coffee packaging that truly connects with your brand.

"I liked them because they are strong, do the job, and what I need for my company and they arrived on time."

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