Food Grade Pouch Packaging


There are various types of packaging – package boxes, giftboxes for wholesale, and customizable packaging. Each packaging type serves a purpose, has an intended audience, and plays an essential role in company’s positioning and branding.

Since each packaging serves a different purpose, not all packaging is created equal. One such packaging is food grade pouch packaging. It is made to protect its contents, making sure the product’s quality remain top-notch and it reached the end customer in a safe and secure manner.

Food grade pouch packaging is especially crafted using food grade material. We will explore what food grade pouches are made of, what role do they serve, and if there is value in investing in PakCo’s food grade pouch packaging.

What Are Food Grade Pouches Made Of?

Food grade pouches are composed of not just one, but multiple layers of thin film that is scientifically approved as “food grade”. The multiple layers are then joined together to provide sturdy cohesiveness and durability using an organic and sustainable energy-efficient process.

Food constantly comes into contact with the inner layers of pouches. Therefore, it is necessary to use non-toxic materials like mercury that do not contaminate the food upon contact.

PakCo uses food grade material for its food grade pouches - approved by medical experts and certified safe.

Protection From External Conditions

Food grade pouch and boxes packaging at PakCo are designed to resist extreme outside environments while

Material that goes into producing food grade packaging’s external layer is dust proof as well as water-proof. This precludes food from rotting and allows food to be safe, fresh, and protected.

Our food grade pouch packaging is lined with sealant material. This enables the pouches to be kept in refrigerators as well as kitchen and other warmer cupboards and shelves. All of our packaging supplies, therefore, possess the ability to withstand drastic swings in temperature and weather conditions.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

All food items have to be rich in nutrients and free from harsh chemicals. Therefore, consumers prefer foods that are naturally grown, vegan, and organic.

PakCo embraces the same philosophy and offers food grade pouches and packaging that are sustainable and eco-friendly, in addition to being organic.

After all, edible items’ packaging is as essential as the edible items themselves

Premium Look

PakCo has perfected the art of making food grade pouches that are of the highest quality. The paper and other raw materials we use in our production are soft to touch and offer a premium look that promises to deliver high-grade quality.

Ergonomic Design

At PakCo, we use food grade pouches and package boxes that occupy less shelf space, are easy to use, and serve time-saving functions.

Our stand up food grade pouches for packaging food stand erect and stiff which keeps them stable and does not let pouches fall.

Moreover, we use resealable packaging that allows pouches to be opened and closed conveniently. This also guarantees that pouches are spill proof and squeaky clean.

PakCo line up also offers food grade pouches that have a see-through sealed patch that lets you see the content inside and determine their levels. This feature comes in handy for supermarkets with countless different pouches for different food items.

"I liked them because they are strong, do the job, and what I need for my company and they arrived on time."


There are many packaging suppliers in Melbourne that provide packaging for boxes and different items.

However, there are only a few packaging suppliers such as PakCo that offer high-quality and reliable food grade pouch packaging that is customized to meet clients’ product needs.

To find out more; email the team at PakCo at Or speak to us by calling: (03) 9751 7977.

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