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Bottle Filling and Packaging Melbourne

PakCo offers top-quality contract bottle filling and packaging facilities, rendered completely to your needs, using state of the art technology and an adept team.

Being one of Australia's best companies, we take exceptional care of our clients by guiding them every step of the way and ensuring that their final product reaches the market as quickly as possible at competitive rates.

Catering to Your Every Bottle Filling and Packaging Need

When seeking a bottling plant, you need a service that operates with a set of high standards. Our systematic supply chain management aids us in meeting quick deadlines and high demands, which allows us to provide turnkey bottle filling services in whatever packaging you prefer.

Be it dropper tips, precision pinpoints, tins, jars, or large liter bottles; we have got it all!

PakCo not only provides high-quality packaging but also skilled labor and high-end equipment to keep you hassle-free in your product's production process.

On top of that, we have carefully picked our workers, all of whom have knowledge and expertise in bottle filling and packaging, making your end product even better. What can be a better time than now to contact us for an all-inclusive quote?

The Only Bottle Filling and Packaging Service You Need

At PakCo, we provide high-quality services, including sophisticated and affordable blending techniques and packing facilities, which enable us to tailor our packaging services according to you and your market's ever-changing requirements.

Needless to say, our bottling service is meticulous, safe, and, most importantly – fast.

We have customized our services to cater to filing and packaging of the following products and much more:

  • Hand sanitizers and cleaners
  • Fragrances, Cologne, and Perfumes
  • Essential Oils
  • Liquid nutrition, probiotics, and vitamin supplements
  • Beverages, concentrates, and liquid food

We Take Custom Orders

Don't worry if you can't find the perfect size and shape of the container you're looking for! At PakCo, we can create bottles and caps that fit the dimensions you desire, according to your choice of sizes and shapes. We can create them according to the different filling sizes that your products require.

Additionally, we have a special design service that creates prototypes, labels, and outer layouts to ensure that your bottles are functional, creative, and aesthetically appeasing. 

Diverse Order Handling

PakCo’s bottling machines can process many orders. We can output thousands of bottles daily, ensuring that your order is completed in minimal time.

Plus, our employees are trained to handle all types of bottling procedures.

Our machines are diverse and are capable of handling different bottling and capping productions, including both automated and manual means!

Tube, Liquid and Cream Filling and Packaging Process

Our tube, liquid, and cream filling process sets us apart from our competitors, as we use A-grade machinery to fill and seal up to thousands of containers per hour in different patterns, sizes, and shapes.

But that certainly does not mean that our prices for this process differ from the others – we promise to provide competitive rates regardless of the plan you choose.

PakCo’s bottling service ensures that your beverages leave our machines in high quality.

Sanitation, Hygiene, and Quality Control

At PakCo, we follow strict standards of hygiene that ensure no cross-contamination or pollution of your beverage products. Our bottling service ensures that your beverage leaves our machines in high quality and free from any potential contagion with sterilized bottles.

For the same reason, we keep our machines up and running at high standards as well. The lack of cross-contamination applies to rust and corrosion too. This includes cleaning them vigorously after every batch production to keep our machines at high standards of operation and ensure that no metallic residue ever touches your formula.

Speaking of machines, we use the best on the market. And our machines are cleaned regularly and after every job.

We also use sterilized-only bottles to fulfill your orders. Any bottles that have witnessed air contamination are not used in our filling procedures.

"I liked them because they are strong, do the job, and what I need for my company and they arrived on time."

Why Choose PakCo?

PakCo is fully dedicated to providing you with the best bottling filling and packaging services in the market; hence, we aim to create more than packaging for you through our comprehensive customer service – we want to build long-lasting relationships.

Our team promises to look after your products like our own. Whatever the case, our years of experience truly speaks for itself and is reflected positivity in our filling and packaging services.

Contact us today to learn more about what we have to offer!

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