Box bottom coffee bags


The box bottom (or block bottom) coffee bag, is an upgraded version of the traditional vertical bag.

These bags are highly popular choices for packaging products, particularly for food packaging.

Additional features such as tear notches, grip seal closures, and matte printed finishing, make this packaging style even more desirable.

What are Box Bottom Coffee Bags?

These bags have a flat and even bottom, which permits them to stand upright no matter where they are placed.  This is perhaps the most resourceful trait box bottom bags possess.

For additional expansion and strength, these bags contain a gusset – a triangle bracket or insert – on either side and the bottom.

These gussets not only add to the attractiveness of box bottom bags but also support the structure and design, allowing the bag to stand upright and serve the customizable packaging needs of various industries.

Box bottom bags have three recyclable and decomposable layers which help to keep the product firmly inside.  Moreover, the unique design makes it appear attractive to consumers while also providing sufficient storage space.

Additionally, these food packaging containers have plenty of room at the front and back, for brands to put their customizable packaging designs.

Characteristics of Box Bottom Bags

There are various features of the box bottom bags that make them distinctive from other coffee packaging styles:

  • Vivid colors, along with ventilation holes and a resaleable zipper. The side gussets and flat bottom provide a firm center of gravity for these bags to stand up and stand out to customers.
  • The side gussets and even bottom also serve the purpose of enlarging the space inside the bags, providing more space and volume for goods.
  • Can be designed with customizable shape, size, thickness, and design.
  • Have a reliable seal and can be opened easily too!
  • Eco-friendly packaging supplies designed to be food-grade. Brands can use lively prints and effects to make the bags unique and desirable.

Box Bottom Bags for Businesses

Box bottom bags are not just meant for coffee, but instead used for packaging food, in numerous industries; this includes packing organic products.

Box bottom bag is a creative substitute for the conventional corrugated box or folded carton. Unlike heavy boxes with ineffective inner liners, these versatile box bags possess a smaller footprint and significantly enhance the useful life of perishable items.

Box bottom bags can be used to package any commodity which might previously be packaged in a box-cum-inner-bag, such as snacks, cereals, crackers, and granola.

The even bottom acts as a box, causing the bag to maintain an upright posture while the side gussets increase space which can be used for branding and labels – luxuries that were not available with conventional bags.

Furthermore, box bottom bags are prepared using durable barrier film, which plays a vital role in keeping the contents safe from puncture, moisture, odor, and many other contaminants and hazards.

Why Customers Love the Box Bottom Coffee Bags?

From the consumer’s point-of-view, having to squeeze massive coffee boxes somewhere in the cupboard once the product has been used is difficult.

Box-bottoms make it easy to access, store, and consume items – making it a win-win-win!

In addition, the usage of durable barrier film in the bag ensures the coffee beans remains fresh for longer, even after you have opened the bag!


Box bottom coffee bags are high in demand.

With a secure, flat base, these boxes can be confidently used to package supplies of coffee, amongst many other items like cereals and rice too.

Added to their customizability, protective metalized lining and lamination, and versatility - box bottom coffee bags are certainly here to stay.

"I liked them because they are strong, do the job, and what I need for my company and they arrived on time."

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