Product Packaging


First impressions matter. As a consumer, will you be willing to try out a new product with unappealing packaging?

Obviously not.

By putting yourself in your customer’s shoes, you can capture the true significance and essence of product packaging – and that is exactly where PakCo shines in its product packaging services.

Packaging a Product

Here at PakCo, our top of the line facility is equipped with cutting edge technology that helps us create high-quality packaging for your product. Our latest machinery allows us to package your products efficiently and at a very fast pace. This can help save a lot of your precious time.

We provide a wide array of packaging solutions, designs, color palettes, and styles. Get customizable packaging for your product today and gain a huge edge over your competitors.

Packaging for Products

Are you looking for a luxurious and elegant range of packaging solutions? Or do you want something simple and subtle instead? You're looking at the right place.

Our packaging is not only eye-catching and alluring but is holistic in all features. Minimalist to luxury, simplicity to elegance – each perfectly packaged product will make your customers search for your product each time they go shopping.

Our diverse range of packaging solutions includes paper boxes, corrugated boxes, plastic boxes, stand-up pouches, foil sealed bags, pillow pouches, and much more.

No matter what your requirements are, we can craft packaging to match them.

How to Package a Product

The art of product packaging cannot be learned overnight. You need to understand your market, the competition, your customers' requirements, and combine them with your company vision.

Our adept designers can craft the ideal packaging for you as they have a deep understanding of market trends and consumer statistics. We can streamline amazing ideas for you that will complement your product and increase its practicality.

Before packaging any product, we complete a thorough analysis of the contents to create the ideal outlook for it.

Small Order Product Packaging

Starting a business is never easy. We are here to assist you in this arduous time. PakCo offers amazing packages for our new entrepreneurs with a limited budget.

There is no restriction on the minimum number of orders, allowing you to get attractive packaging for your trial-based products. We offer competitive rates for custom made product packaging.

Don't miss this opportunity and get amazing quality packaging at minimal cost!

Beauty Product Packaging

We offer an extensive range of beauty product packaging. Beauty products having captivating and luxurious packaging are more likely to have increased sales.

PakCo can help you get unique and elegant packaging for lip glosses, lipsticks, mascaras, cosmetic compacts, and so much more.

We can bring life to your ideas!

Graphic Design for Products

As a picture is worth a thousand words, similarly graphic packaging can help convey your message to your customers more efficiently.

We have top of the line printing and graphic machinery that allows us to create a world-class packaging with graphic designs. It can act as a direct line of communication between you and the rest of the world.

Get Products Packaged Fast (Fast Food Packaging)

Aligned with the fast-paced times of today, PakCo offers you speed in its packaging services too. There is no need to post orders way in advance and have to endure months of waiting.

Instead, trust us to compose the ideal packaging for your fast-food products – completely on time.

We can create customer-friendly and convenient packaging for you that will attract more customers.

Product Packaging During Coronavirus

The whole world has suffered through challenging times in the arrival of the COVID-19 – a pandemic that shook the world. During such arduous times, everyone has to be extra careful.

PakCo has introduced new production rules and policies regarding coronavirus to maintain strict quality control. Considering even the slightest contamination can compromise the hygiene of the batch – we have strict hygienic policies in place to ensure nothing like that happens.

Following national standard operating procedures (SOPs), the health and safety of your products and their consumers is our top-most priority.

"I liked them because they are strong, do the job, and what I need for my company and they arrived on time."


With decades of experience as packaging suppliers, PakCo has the ideal packaging for your product. We can help you get a captivating and alluring packaging that will encourage new customers to try out your product, and encourage existing consumers to become as loyal as ever.

To contact us,  email the team at PakCo at Or speak to us by calling: (03) 9751 7977.

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