Biodegradable stand up pouches


People are now - more than ever - concerned about the wellbeing of our environment. That is why they take sustainability into account seriously before buying anything.

The best way to prevent environmental degradation is to use eco-friendly packaging instead of traditional plastics. The suitable eco-friendly packaging is “Bio-degradable Packaging.”

Bio-degradable packaging allows you to contribute your bit to the environment and appeal to your customers by showing your commitment to the issue.

An as functional and shelf-stable alternative of regular plastic, bio-degradable stand-up pouches are the best to turn to.

What is a Bio-degradable Stand-up Pouch?

A type of flexible packaging, biodegradable stand-up pouches are 100 % compostable. These pouches can stand up on their own owing to the bottom gusset feature.

Biodegradable stand up pouches can biodegrade in landfills, home composts, and lakes along with others.

Why Bio-degradable Stand-up Pouches are Beneficial?

When it comes to packaging food or other similar products, there is nothing better than bio-degradable stand up pouches.

Here are some of the benefits that follow along with these pouches.

  1. They are Eco-Friendly

Bio-degradable stands up pouches are manufactured using 100% certified compostable biofilms. These can be re-used as well as disposed of for bio-degradation.

Their degradation starts once they are disposed of in landfills or home composts, inflicting no harm on the environment.

  1. Offer Protection to Products

They have high barrier protection properties that preserve the products inside for extended periods. The barrier protection of these pouches is due to the lamination system that forms barrier films.

Moreover, bio-degradable stands up pouches have zippers and off-gassing valves that secure products.

  1. Are Economical

These pouches are as affordable as the usual plastic pouches but are sold at competitive prices. If purchased in bulk quantity, their prices can be lowered considerably!

  1. Flexibility

Due to the bottom gusset formation, bio-degradable stand up pouches can easily stand on the shelves without any assistance.

Their improved flexibility feature allows them to store any product ranging from jewelry to human food to pet food.

  1. Easy to Use

Bio-degradable stands up pouches are user friendly and can be easily opened and closed. A lot of resealable options are available in them, such as zippers and spouts, to assist their usage.

  1. Keep Products Fresh

Their high barrier biofilm properties extend the life of the packaged products by securing them from the effects of moisture, oxygen, and chemicals.

Types of Bio-degradable Stand-up Pouches

Some of the most commonly used bio-degradable stand-up pouches include:

  1. Bio-degradable Stand up Pouches for Liquid

As its name suggests, these pouches are for packaging liquid products or beverages. These are equipped with a die-cut handle along with a tap style spout, which makes them perfect for carrying liquid.

  1. Bio-degradable Stand-Up Pouches for Food

This type of stand-up pouches boosts green credentials by lowering food and packaging waste.

Due to being made in a single material and a laminated layer arrangement, they are best for shipping and storing food without being affected by temperature and moisture effects.

  1. Kraft Foil Stand-Up Pouch

Kraft foil stands up pouches have easy accessibility with zip-lock and tear notch features. With rounded corners and impervious aesthetics, these stylish pouches are great for the packaging of organic goods, baked goods, bath salts, seeds, and dried foods.

Take Away

Are you a business owner that cares for mother earth? Do you want to switch to eco-friendly packaging and are looking for packaging companies? PakCo has a solution to all your problems.

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PakCo will make you bio-degradable stand-up pouches that will not only positively impact the environment but also inspire your customers.

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