Doypack packaging

What is Doypack?

Doypack is also called a stand-up pouch. It is a type of packaging that can stand erect on its bottom and it can be left unassisted which makes it flexible for use. It is somewhat like a plastic bag but sometimes also acts like a plastic bottle.

Doypacks are usually made up of multi layered materials that provide stability and flexibility to the pouches. It contains various plastic films, paper, foil, etc. There are also several design options available.

Doypacks are usually used for the packaging of powders, sauces, spices, dried fruits and nuts, pet food, ready to drink beverages, etc. The bottom part of a doypack is gusseted or folded inwards to provide support to the pouch so that it can stand upright.

Advantages of Doypack Packaging

We all know that doypacks are more flexible and easy to use than other types of packaging bags.

But, there’s quite a few other advantages they offer as well:

  1. Affordable, Low Cost

Doypack packaging is highly economical. The manufacture of doypack packaging does not demand high amounts of expensive materials, which makes these very affordable for companies.

  1. Convenient design

The design of a doypack is what makes it a very popular and in-demand type of packaging among people. It comes with a zipper or seal which once opened, can be closed again, keeping the content of pouch intact and fresh.

  1. Occupies less storage

One of the huge advantages of using a doypack for packaging your products is less storage consumption. Its flexible design can accumulate more amounts of the products than a rigid glass or plastic jar and occupy less storage on the shelves.

  1. Damage resistant

Doypack packaging is very less likely to get torn or break, even if they fall, they provide a great damage resistance to the products inside. This makes doypack packaging easy to transport and store.

  1. Shelf presence of products

Doypack packaging enhances the shelf presence of products and increases their visibility. It attracts more customers thus providing value to the business.

  1. Eco-friendly option

Now a days, the production of such packaging supplies which have the least environmental impact is most companies’ priority. If sustainable packaging solutions are used, doypack packaging can also be made eco-friendly with less carbon footprint.

  1. Diverse product range

From beverages to candies to detergent to pet food, doypack packaging offers a wide variety of product packaging options than any other type of packaging. It can store any of these products or many more and keep them stable and spoilage free.

  1. Increase sales of the product

Since doypack packaging is a convenient option, most people go for it. This increases the sales of the product because people prefer using doypacks over other packaging bags.

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