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Looking for the best packaging supplies company in Australia? Your search stops here!

PakCo is an all-rounded packaging company, which offers everything you need. We understand how hard it can be to find everything you want in one place, which is why we have formulated our services to offer one-stop solutions at your doorstep.

If you are a business owner or responsible for purchasing of packaging supplies, you must have fast, dependable suppliers who can ensure quality without being a burden on your pocket. This is precisely where we come in.

So, whether you’re looking for a small-scale packaging service or want customized wholesale solutions, we have an answer for you. Our various product lines will help you choose your product packaging in minutes.

All-inclusive packaging services

Packaging supplies are a type of product needed by all businesses. They’re necessary to keep your products secured and organized as they’re shipped off to supplier warehouses.


Our wholesale packaging supplies are of the finest quality, and our volume sales as a distributor get you the best price. We only sell high-quality boxes, so you can be sure any box we sell does. In fact, meet the industry standards. 


We sell a variety of products, ranging from multi-sized boxes to customized boxes, rendered to your needs. An extensive assortment of packaging material to choose from allows your product to look better and sell faster. 


At PakCo, we provide a full in-house manufacturing process. And part of that includes supplying materials to neatly pack your products.

A never-ending variety of supplies

Packaging boxes are a staple for the packaging world. Being everyone’s first choice for safely delivering products, these packaging materials can accommodate every type, size, and style of product. For this reason, PakCo provides boxes for all packaging sizes. 


We provide large boxes that can house and withstand large machinery, whether it be household items or industrial equipment. Other than that, we also provide boxes for smaller products. Our boxes can house everyday items that are storable on shelves. 


State of the art Boxes


Our boxing services are specialized to be strong, sturdy, and reliable. We provide cushioning that safeguards your products from risks of mishandling and accidents, especially if your product includes sensitive components.


We can create boxes from scratch for each specific product that you plan to sell, whether it be a household electronic or a food/beverage storage box. 


Looking for other packaging solutions? Don’t worry! Our supplies don’t only include boxes. We offer a wide variety of packing designs, styles, and sizes, such as: 

  • Food packaging solutions 
  • Customized bags 
  • Mailer boxes and mailing tubes.
  • Bubble boxes 

Customizing your Packaging Material for Personalized Solutions

For complete customer fulfillment, we offer custom personalized solutions to your packaging needs! Whatever product you require packaging for – we offer! 


All you have to do is properly measure your products and give us an insight into your vision, and we’ll design and formulate the packaging for you. PakCo is a great place to start building custom branded packaging that is not only eye-catching but will also make your customers take notice of your brand from aisles away! 

Organizing Your Packing the Way You Want!

Accuracy is a key focus of our packaging service. We can provide custom padding layouts within each box, especially if what you sell if meant to be assembled by the end-user. We can pack each component to ensure that it can withstand the weight of the total package. We also take special care with sensitive components that might get damaged during the shipping process.

Customer Focused Solutions 

Customer satisfaction is one of our goals. We put your services first, which is why were noted to be one of the best packaging service providers in all of Melbourne. 

Our specialized team of professionals are trained to understand your packaging needs and your business products like the back of their hand, so you can get the most bang out of your buck! Hence, we will always treat you like you are our only customer for more personalized dealings.

"I liked them because they are strong, do the job, and what I need for my company and they arrived on time."

Why Choose PakCo?

PakCo is constantly evolving. We are always looking for a better, more efficient, and cost-effective way of producing your packaging while ensuring that quality is not compromised.

Consider us a part of your business as we promise quality results all the way from the packing designs to the packaging. Make us your one-stop solution to all your packaging needs.

Reach out to us today, so we can make the most out of your products through innovative packing. We are looking forward to doing business with you!

To find out more email the team at PakCo at Or speak to us by calling: (03) 9751 7977.

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