Coffee bean packaging

Coffee bean packaging in Melbourne

Whether you are manufacturing a coffee blend or selling coffee beans as it is, one of the most important things to ensure is your coffee remain protected and that it is marketed properly.

The packaging itself is the key to ensuring the coffee you are selling remains fresh as well as lasts a long time and that it hooks potential customers in, making them want to purchase! We at PakCo provide the most efficient and effective packaging that will protect your coffee throughout its journey!

We Provide Vacuumed Coffee Bean Packaging!

PakCo makes use of the most advanced technology. Our product packaging features high-oxygen barriers to keep out air and oxygen from the product, to preserve and protect the freshness and the flavor of your brand’s roasted coffee beans.

Oxygen and carbon dioxide adversely affect the quality of roasted coffee. Considering that the exposure to environment degrades the coffee, which becomes stale within ten to fourteen days after being roasted if it is exposed to oxygen, we offer vacuumed packaging to make sure your brand’s coffee retains its quality for as long as possible!

Promise of Prolonging your Coffee’s Shelf Life

A coffee packaging’s focal responsibility is to make sure the coffee bean is protected. Not only from oxygen and air as mentioned before, but also sunlight and moisture.

When the coffee’s packaging is moisture resistant and fully sealed, the bean inside remains protected for a longer period of time, guaranteeing a long shelf life!

Best Material is Used to Protect Your Coffee Beans

For a consumer, coffee beans come in a large variety of packaging materials, but as important as the aesthetics of your coffee packaging may be, it would all be nullified if the coffee you provide is stale. It would be impossible to have loyal customers that way.

For this very reason, the material you use to pack your product is vital. If you are aiming to sell in large supermarkets, we will provide foil packaging for you! The thin layer of aluminum in the packaging is the barrier that will allow your coffee to remain fresh. Foil not only protects from oxygen, but also light and any potential moisture.

However, if you have done a survey and have come to the conclusion that your coffee will actually be sold at small grocery stores or your own brand’s shop, where the inventory turnover rate is high, then paper-bags are an efficient and cost-effective choice for coffee that will be sold quite quickly after production.

State of the Art Technology Used For Coffee Product Packaging

Any coffee lover loves to smell the roasted coffee beans before buying the product. Yet it comes as a surprise to many coffee bean manufacturers when they’re told that there is a valve in their products packaging.

Besides keeping the freshness and flavor of the roasted beans inside, the packaging also has to let gas out!

While roasting, the water within the bean is dried out, yet the bean retains its shape because of the strong outer wall. This leaves the roasted coffee bean very porous, which tends to hold on to gases, especially carbon dioxide which starts to make the beans stale in the long run.

This is where the ‘one-way’ valve comes in! We offer such technologically advanced packaging, that allows the gases to escape, and also prevents other gases from coming in.

In Conclusion…

For a roaster, choosing your packaging may be the last of your worries, but to make sure the quality of your product does not diminish, it should be amongst the top priorities. Moreover, your package has a very significant impact on not only your coffee’s freshness, but also your marketability, and your long-run sales.

"I liked them because they are strong, do the job, and what I need for my company and they arrived on time."

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