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Melbourne ranks as the fifth-largest economic contributor across several Victorian federals. In fact, more than a quarter of all jobs are part of the food and grocery processing industry in Melbourne. As more employees are part of this sector, the food manufacturing industry has become the eleventh highest employers in this sector.

Research shows a gradual increase in numbers in this sector, which is also now being referred to as a huge contributor to the economy as well as a flourishing sector to build a career in.

With modern techniques, different companies provide the most sustainable, carefully packaged products that assure thousands of clients around the world to trust food packaging suppliers in Melbourne.

Let’s look at what the popular food manufacturers in Melbourne have to offer:

  1. Trialia Foods

Manufacturers and distributors of ESKAl, this leading company packaging Melbourne provides a range of ethnic and gourmet food products. They have also branched out to include gluten, dairy, and nut-free products, giving out diverse choices to their consumers.

This family-owned business is successful and holds clients all around Australia, satisfying their customers with their unique products.

  1. Maltra Foods 

One of the leading food manufacturers in Melbourne, Maltra Foods with their customizable packaging manufacture a variety of dry powder and liquid food and beverage projects. With accredited and certified HACCP, Maltra food ensures to provide its customers with the best organic products.

  1. PakCo

One of the leading manufacturers in Melbourne, PakCo symbolizes quality and excellence in its products. With their unique package supply, the enterprise pairs sublime food quality with user-friendly and hygienic packaging. Along with this, their products are also additives and chemical-free!

By taking over food manufacturing and packaging needs – PakCo appears to be the best of both worlds.

  1. Foodfx 

Arriving as a custom fix to all individual manufacturing needs and tailoring food orders based on individual preferences, Foodfx takes the lead with its various variety and culinary innovation.

With decades of experience, they are quick to adjust any orders of varying sizes in the demands. Drawing influences from various multicultural cuisines and backgrounds, chefs are well-versed in creating authentic and organic foods that are customer favorites.

  1. Melbourne Chef

With over 80 employees, this family-owned business soon turned into a popular food manufacturer. Their authentic and quality food items became popular not only amongst locals but also achieved international acclaim.

Working as a team with their clients, they prepare food products that are preferred by individuals, whether it is creating complex dishes or simple sandwiches, they are always able to satisfy the customer with their splendid services.

  1. Hoyts 

Food that reminds you of your family is tough to get right. Fortunately, Hoyts, a family-owned business, gets the flavors perfect.

From tasty dry and wet herbs and spices to a wide array of sauces and spreads, Hoyts presents all those shelf items in the kitchen in all their delicious glory. Popular amongst Melbourne locals, the flavor certainly hits home.

  1. Kwok Cheung Food Manufacturing P/L 

Homemade products are a rare find in the market, but with Kwok Cheung food manufacturing, you can have all the dim sims and mini dim sims made with fresh mince and vegetables in various restaurants.


As the population of the world grows, the food and beverage industry too evolves to fulfill the increasing demand.

Melbourne is efficient in keeping up with the changing technology and the world, by constantly updating its manufacturing processes - thus staying amongst the top manufacturers around the world.

As different manufacturing companies compete amongst each other, PakCo remains to be one of the most influential ones, with its quality in food products evident through the excellent taste and customized packaging.

Among the long list of food manufacturers, you know who to contact for your manufacturing needs. Reach out to us at PakCo for a customer-centric service.

"I liked them because they are strong, do the job, and what I need for my company and they arrived on time."

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