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Australia and Australian jobs are known for economic stability. Even on cyclical economic downturns, the job market stays relatively unsaturated and there are open vacancies, especially in food packaging industry like in food packaging in Melbourne.

Understanding Food Manufacturing Jobs in Australia

The primary purpose of food manufacturing is to link products from farmers and other primary producers to the final consumer. There are as diverse food manufacturing roles as the foods we eat.

From scaling the fish and butchering the meat to processing milk, cheese, and dairy products, all the activities are under the umbrella of food manufacturing industry.

It is equally significant to outline that delivery now also forms a part of the food manufacturing industry as it is part of and plays a role in delivering the items from place of origin to place of consumption.

Job Opportunities

As a pandemic took over the world in 2020, the Australian job market has suffered substantially. In almost all the sectors, jobs have dwindled and reduced. There is hardly a sector that remains unscathed.

According to a census by The Guardian, almost 24% jobs have reduced in Australia.

Jobs in Food Manufacturing

According to the same reports, however, the prospects for jobs in food manufacturing seem indifferent to the downward trend as the jobs in food manufacturing and food related industries have increased by 13.5% from 650,396 workers to 738,231 workers.

The increase in food manufacturing sector in Australia has been reflected in PakCo’s packaging division too. We have employed more workers in our boxes packaging department, food packaging supplier Sydney, and for related packaging products services for food products.

Good Manufacturing Processes and Practices

There are various good practices that distinguish a reputable and socially responsible food manufacturing company from the one which is not. The list below details all such practices:

  • Pest control
  • Proper building design and construction for hygienic conditions and storage
  • Sufficient equipment and utensils
  • Good hygiene practices and services for employee and front-line workers
  • Sanitized containers and packaging boxes
  • Process control and production controls
  • Strategy and protocols to prevent adulteration and contamination during manufacturing processes

Jobs relating to such departments have increased in wake of the pandemic, as people are more in need of safe and healthy packaging than ever before.

Different Departments within Food Manufacturing

There exists a plethora of jobs within the food manufacturing sector. From driving a delivery truck for the food industry from manufacturing plant to the warehouse to jobs like packaging boxes, packaging products, and final food packaging Melbourne before shipping the food pouches and boxes to final consumers

Types of Food and Food Manufacturing Departments

One of food manufacturing’s important sector is of packaging. Foods, beverages, and edible items such as coffee, microwaveable frozen items, and more.

What unites most of such edible products are their respective customizable packaging that ensures product branding and protection from external factors.

Packaging for boxes has led to an increase in sales for almost all food items as food can be stored for longer durations and can be transported over long distances. As a result, a new trend has been observed in jobs in food manufacturing.

For instance, newer jobs such as packaging quality assurance officer and food manufacturing packer have sprung to existence.


Cognizant of the evolving jobs and food manufacturing practices, PakCo continually attempts to reinvent better ways of manufacturing that includes boxes packaging and packaging in Sydney.

PakCo and other packaging divisions’ commitment to hone the food manufacturing practices is what driving the way for future food manufacturing processes.

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