COOL ROOM (Product and Food Storage)

Why Cool Rooms?

When it comes to keeping stored products, especially food, as good as new and incredibly fresh, Cool Rooms are the best solution. Cool Rooms are a walk-in storage facility with well-controlled temperature conditions to ensure that quality food is supplied to end-customers.

Food products cannot be stored in a warm environment or even at room temperature. For this reason, they require special conditions for storage right after they have been formulated until the time of their packaging and shipment.

PakCo – The Ultimate Provider of Cool Room Facility

At PakCo, we provide those storage conditions to your business.

The storage facility is accessible in preserving the quality of stored products like:

  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Beverages and liquids
  • Red meat, such as beef and mutton
  • White meat, such as chicken and seafood
  • Eggs, milk, yogurt, and cheese
  • Fresh short-term produce and long-term products

PakCo is Melbourne’s leading cold room facility provider with specialized top-tier technological equipment readily available to serve clients. Perfect for mass production, our cool room solutions are long-term and optimized to meet your custom refrigeration demands. We supply cool rooms that keep your food products in top condition and ready for consumer use

Our cool room solutions extend to innovative and high-quality freezer rooms, unit coolers, condensing units, and cold room panels with temperature and humidity-controlled storage units.

Store Up to Thousands of Products!

PakCo’s Cool Room storage facility is designed to accommodate a high influx of clients and products. Our cool rooms are designed to accommodate a multitude of customers seeking PakCo’s solutions. Our massive space allows us to store your products without cramping them close together for easy accessibility. This keeps your products intact and allows better cooling of all ingredients.

We can store and refrigerate whatever food quantity you bring our way, including massive amounts for gradual packaging across a multi-week span.

Our top-notch holistic services are not only limited to food products but are also extended to supplements and pharmaceutical products which need to be stored at a stable temperature while minimizing the chances of the product going bad. 

Well-Engineered Cool Rooms and Equipment

With years of involvement and investments in the latest technology, our innovative and high-quality controlled cool rooms have characteristics altered to your needs with energy-saving options, easy maintenance, and a long life span.

PakCo’s cool rooms promise efficiency. With us, you’ll never worry about the degradation of food quality – all thanks to our well-engineered cool rooms and up-to-date technological equipment.

We promise maximum insulation and cold temperatures, including temperature-controlled floors, doors, ceilings, and walls as well, to ensure that every corner of our space is regulated with no heat leaks, even in the hottest months of the Australian summers.

For client fulfillment, we have installed sliding doors and roller doors made from heat-resistant materials. Furthermore, our cool room pumps are working 24/7 to remove wasted heat and maintain pressure.

A Service to Every Solution

Our clients can choose between comprehensive cool room plans offered, ranging from daily cool room services to annual cool room services, based on whatever contract they want to draft with us.

On top of that, regular maintenance of the cool rooms is on us! What can get better than this, right?

To keep our storage facility in its top shape and to ensure that the product quality is not compromised, we conduct daily service and maintenance checks. These checks include checking for any extra evaporation or icing, calibrating the temperature and system efficiency, and ensuring the levels are kept well-maintained.

Storing Multiple Products – With Flexible Schedules

Our cool rooms can storage products with varying cooling needs. In fact, we can store…

  • Pharmaceuticals,
  • Beverages with short expiration dates,
  • Foods.

Plus, we store your product for easy accessibility. Our massive cooling spaces allow us to store your products without cramping them close together.

This keeps your products intact and allows better cooling of all ingredients. Our solutions ensure no drop-in product quality while minimizing the chances of products going bad.

Setting Cost-Effective Standards in the Market

PakCo provides sustainable cool room solutions. We help you reduce storage costs, where you’ll find that us as some of the most affordable on the market.

Being one of the most affordable cool room providers, PakCo promises to make the most bang out of your buck with sustainable storage solutions. In fact, once you start using our facility, no other will ever satisfy you the same way and you’ll never need refrigerators of your own. You can simply rely on us to cool your products while shipping them directly to suppliers!

Don’t be fooled by our substantial investments in top-tier technology as our prices for cool room storage plans remain extremely flexible and reasonable for all clients to be able to afford!

"I liked them because they are strong, do the job, and what I need for my company and they arrived on time."

Why Choose Us?

Whatever the case, experience speaks for itself. Our years of experience are truly reflected in our work, as we have designed customized cool rooms made from the finest quality materials to cater to maximum clients.

With strict safety measures and leak-proof storage facilities, our team promises to look after your products like our own; hence, if you’re looking for a company that understands your product like the back of its hand, contact us today to set up a meeting!

Learn more about what we have to offer today!


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