Box Bottom Packaging

Box Bottom Packaging

Want the kind of packaging that stands out the most on a retail shelf?

You are at the right place!

Embracing the trend of box bottom packaging, PakCo offers quality packaging services for all.

What is a Box Bottom Package?

One of the most common packaging formats used for food-related products such as nuts, coffee and tea - is a Box Bottom Package.

Following a brick-like, or box style, it is a design in which your packaging is welded onto a flat square at the bottom, or is made in such a way that the package has a rectangular or square-like gusseted bottom, to help it stand better on the shelves.

What are the Benefits of Box Bottom Packaging?

Picking the right packaging style for your product can be very tricky, therefor we consider it our duty as your package suppliers to inform you of the benefits of all types of packaging.

The Box Bottom Package:

  1. Remains balanced and upright on a retail shelf for as long as you please, ensuring customers can see your product clearly;
  2. Due to the way it is designed, unlike other packaging, it gives you 360 degrees of real estate and space to print and label information relating to your company, your logo, instructions and all your certifications!
  3. Whether your retailers lie the bag down flat, or if they keep it up right on the shelves, your product will get noticed at every angle;
  4. It is a unique and aesthetically pleasing design;
  5. It is easy to fill, having more volume due to its gusseted sides;
  6. Even when consumers are almost finished with your product, having almost little to none left, the package will stand up straight and sturdy.

PakCo Promises to Produce the Best Packaging for you!

We make use of the best material for all of our customizable packages, especially the Box Bottom packages. Choose the best package suppliers in Melbourne to make high quality packaging for your high quality products!

Our box bottom packages are seal with a re-sealable pocket zipper, as well.

The edges of our packaging are seal tightly with heat, using our state of the art machinery and technology. The material used is strong and durable, so as to not tear or get damaged during transportation and storage, such as:

  • Rice paper;
  • Kraft Paper;
  • Aluminium Foil;
  • Mono-oriented Polypropylene (MOPP) film;
  • Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET).

Your product will stay safe from air, moisture, light, moss, fungus, and any other environmental factor that could ruin its quality.

We Offer Various Designs of Box Bottom Packages

One aspect PakCo prides itself in is the option it provides for its clients of the one-way valve for its packaging. The one-way valve protects the product inside the packaging from being exposed to air, while giving access to any air inside the packaging to be able to escape.

This is essential for products like roasted coffee beans that constantly release carbon dioxide, which could be detrimental to the products quality, as it tends to make the taste of the coffee stale.

Moreover, we also offer a transparent window in our box bottom packages. Seal tightly, it allows your customers to see what exactly inside, building your relationship with them on honest and trust!

We also offer more designs on request, such as:

  • Spouts;
  • Rounded corners;
  • Terminated Side-Gussets or Full-Length Gussets;
  • Tear Notches and Micro-Perforations;
  • Die-Cut Single or Dual Handle;

"I liked them because they are strong, do the job, and what I need for my company and they arrived on time."


PakCo, as one of the best packaging suppliers in Melbourne, will make the packaging process for your products an easy, and extremely trouble-free, experience.

Contact us right away and order your box bottom packages right away!

Email the team at PakCo at Or speak to us by calling: (03) 9751 7977.

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