Are you looking to effectively introduce a sample of your new product to your customers?

Do you want a convenient and cost-effective shelf-packaging to deliver a serving of your sauce, spice, or other edibles?

PakCo has all the solutions to your sachet packaging needs!

Our Grade-A Sachets

Well, you don’t need to waste more of your time in hunting cost-effective packaging methods for smaller products. Our sachets are where your pursuit stops.

Investing in good quality sachets can be a treat for your products, especially in terms of its promotion. You can easily package your products in simple, neat, and cost-effective sachets, which will not only provide optimal protection using minimum materials but will also make your product’s packaging look proportioned and aesthetic.

Why Use Sachets?

Using sachets for enveloping your products is beneficial for a variety of reasons, such as the following:

  • They can encapsulate all types of foods, i.e., solid, granular, liquid and powdered
  • Exist in single, double, triple and contoured varieties
  • Keep food safe with three or four-sided seals
  • Available in air tight options for maintaining optimal freshness of your product
  • Can be opened easily
  • With high-quality printing, look presentable on shelves
  • Oxygen can be removed at the time of packaging at your discretion

The best packaging services in Australia!

Can’t find an economical and experienced sachet packaging service provider in Australia? Look no further. PakCo is all you need!

Our specialized services, tailored to your needs and altered by our latest technology, is what your business truly deserves.

PakCo’s Premium Sachet Packaging Service

PakCo can handle small-sized packaging jobs, where we provide design and assembly services that ensure an excellent package for your product!

PakCo’s designs are enticing, and they aim at increasing shopper demand for your products! Hence, we also design boxes for each sachet, personalized according to your requirements.

What Packaging Services Does PakCo Provide?

Specifically, we offer the following.

  • Simple and Neat Designs.

Since sachets are small, they naturally cannot contain a lot of details. For this reason, we have kept our designs to be simple, neat, and aesthetic, to ensure an eye-catching appeal to your product.

We aim to provide simple yet aesthetically beautiful designs that give a glimpse of the product, and without confusing the buyer with too much unnecessary information.

Additionally, all of our designs are in-house. We use the assistance of graphic designers with experience designing many sachets, and who can produce multiple prototypes within hours.

  • High-Quality Printing.

Sachets should contain a small amount of indicative text to illustrate their ingredients and expiration dates, in accordance with the legalities and country laws.

Hence, At PakCo, we provide high-quality printing that clearly defines the details of a design. Our printing is resistant to wear over time, ensuring that your product’s packaging remains solid throughout its shelf life.

  • Audited Packaging Process.

PakCo uses machinery that can quickly and accurately output close to 2000 sachets per hour, allowing us to handle large volumes of work while delivering within tight schedules.

  • Strict Quality Controls.

Our packaging processes are made to be hygiene-sensitive to ensure maximum quality control. Our facilities are secured during operating hours, with only access allowed to employees working on the packaging, thus minimizing any chance of contamination.

Furthermore, each batch is tested for high quality and all machines are properly disinfected to reduce chances of pollutants entering your product.

PakCo; A Well-Focused Packaging Division of Assemco

Assemco carries out packaging services through its packaging division “PakCo”.

PakCo focuses primarily on the quality of manufacturing and cost-effectiveness of the product to help our customer’s business take the next step.

How Do We Operate?

At PakCo, four principles represent our core values i.e.

  • Dedication
  • Excellence
  • Efficiency
  • Quality

Why PakCo?

  • Fulfil Customer Requirements:

We are aware that our customers come to us with a pre-determined set of requirements. So, we make sure to bring their visions to reality by providing them with exactly what they need.

  • Customized Designs:

PakCo delivers customized solutions to its clients for their food manufacturing and packaging needs, to ensure a personalized touch in the packaging, which can help your business reach out to as many customers as possible!

  • Top Quality and Economical Plans:

Our team of experts go out of the box to ensure the quality, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of the products. By implementing this manifesto, we have successfully delivered top-notch sachet packaging services to innumerable customers and retained them too.

  • Swift Output:

Above everything else, we care for you. That is why we output your products swiftly, hence save you from expenses of storage and delays of order submission.

What’s in It For You?

Hire PakCo for sachet packaging services in Australia and get;

    • Cost-effective packaging
    • Highest Standard
    • Fast delivery
    • Enchanting designs
    • Tailored products

"I liked them because they are strong, do the job, and what I need for my company and they arrived on time."

Team up With PakCo

Take your business to the next level with simple, eye-catching, and high-quality sachet packaging of your products.

To find out more email the team at PakCo at Or speak to us by calling: (03) 9751 7977.

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