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Looking for the best sachet filling and packaging service in Australia? Look no further!

PakCo is your one-stop solution for all packaging needs and requirements. We deal with a variety of food and beverage products, and part of our service includes working with high-quality sachet packages.

Holistic Sachet Filling

We understand that packaging is one of the most essential aspects of a product and can often prove to be the difference between the product becoming a success or a failure. This is because, for majority of the customers, how a product’s packaging is formulated tells a story about the product’s quality.

Hence, you need to consider packaging with A-grade quality and aesthetic appeal when producing and getting your product successfully to the market!

We make designing and ordering customized sachets easy for organizations by providing affordable packaging. At Packo, we can assist you with the following…

We Work with Whatever Fits into a Sachet

PakCo’s packaging services are not restricted to a certain product type or category. Instead, our versatility allows us to cater to organizations producing a wide range of varied products. Every package is tailored precisely according to what your specific product demands.

In other words, PakCo can help you with whatever fits into a sachet. And this ranges from spice mixes to powders for hot drinks and even specialty oils.

In fact, our sachet filling and packaging service extend beyond food and beverage products. We work with liquids and gets. That’ll include items such as shower gels and shampoos, body oils, and even creams and salts.

The hair-product industry is constantly on the rise, and new products are making their way into the market, every single day, which is why we also work with hair products, filling them into sachets that suit proper portion sizes. These products can include hair gels, hair wax, mousses, pomades, and sprays.

And that’s not all. Our sachet packaging service works are suitable for the fitness industry. We can help you pack sports and nutrition items, special workout powders, and even weight-loss supplements!

Premium Packaging Material

Our packages are designed using premium-quality materials, making them sturdy, resilient, and durable. Moreover, certain products have lengthy expiry dates, and take a considerable amount of time to be sold. Through our expert packaging, we make sure that the product stays safe and durable throughout the entire shipping and delivery procedure, keeping it intact and secure.

Custom Designs that Market Your Product

PakCo is a one-stop-shop for your production needs. As a result, we provide designers and a printing facility for your sachets.

Our expert packaging team understands the dynamic environment of the modern-day markets and knows that the only way to stay one step ahead is to conduct a thorough and regular market research. Hence, we offer custom solutions to your packaging needs.

Swift Prototype Generation

Through our experience, acquired through years of working on projects of different kinds and sizes, we have been able to establish and maintain performance levels which are not only elevated and consistent, but also quick and efficient.

With state-of-the-art machinery and packaging experts, we can provide a prototype in a matter of hours. You can be assured that our graphic designers will take your input during every step of the designing process, and advise you whenever and wherever needed, so that you can come up with a package that speaks volumes about the quality and purpose of your product.

Through a profound understanding of the markets and our clients, we can customize our packaging products according to your precise needs. Our in-house packaging design unit, armed with state-of-the-art technology, manpower, and other crucial tools, allows us to prepare a prototype for you within a few hours.

This way, you will have more than sufficient time to assess the prototype and inform us of any changes that you might desire, so that the final product is precisely according to your needs.

We can generate multiples at a time, thereby expanding your options and helping you decide what works best for your products!

Advisory Benefits

PakCo’s experience with different product categories can be of benefit to you. Our team of seasoned players will guide you about the best packaging types and styles for your specific products.

We can advise you on the appropriate sachet sizes for your products. We can even help you decide on different production quantities per sachet, depending on your target market, so that you do not have to worry about over or under-production.

Plus, PakCo can offer unique sachet filling solutions to match your product type.

We provide sachets that are environmentally friendly, prepared using natural and recyclable products.

"I liked them because they are strong, do the job, and what I need for my company and they arrived on time."

Partner with PakCo

To avail our exceptional services, you don’t need to be a large business, as we allow minimum order quantities for your ease. Contact us as soon as possible to avail the best sachet filling and packaging services in Melbourne!

'To find out more email the team at PakCo at Or speak to us by calling: (03) 9751 7977'

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