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Contract Tea Packing Melbourne

Looking for a renowned trustworthy company in Melbourne to ensure that your private label tea clients get the quality they’re looking for?

PakCo is your one-stop destination contract company at attaining the highest quality tea packaging services, which will certainly wow your customers.

The PakCo Factor

With decades of experience, competent workers, and up-to-date machinery, your products will be made after complete assistance in the packaging services required. Hence, you can trust in us to manufacture, package, and get your end-product to the market in no time!


PakCo is the recognized tea contract packaging service specialists in Melbourne! Our professional and experienced team can assist you with all your tea contract packaging services. It doesn’t matter if you’re just breaking into the industry or you have an established brand. The experienced team at PakCo can help you with all your tea contract packaging services and requirements.

Holistic Services Tailored to Your Requirements

There is no denying that the production for tea is rapidly growing in the market, offering dependable services across Australia and throughout the world. Whatever it may be and Regardless of how bad the political, environmental, or employment situation is, people always enjoy relaxing and unwinding their day’s long stress with a nice cup of hot tea!

For this reason, your tea needs to be of exceptional quality to leave a mark your customers and to keep them coming back for more. Our professional team of specialized workers can easily assist you with your custom contract tea production and packaging by illustrating eye-catching packaging designs to grab attention in every grocery store’s aisle instantly.

Services Extended to Various Industries

PakCo has decades of experience providing high-quality tea contract; hence, our experience is truly reflected in our work, as PakCo has been providing high-quality tea contract packaging services to various industries, including:

  • Commercial food and manufacturing services
  • Retail food and distribution services
  • Boutique and mail order companies

Our Premium Contemporary Packaging Process

If you have been searching for high-quality tea contract packaging services in Melbourne, Victoria, or throughout Australia, then PakCo should be your first call!

PakCo has decades of experience working with hundreds of different companies and individuals throughout Melbourne, assisting with their tea contract packaging services requirements

Involving our team of fully qualified and experienced tradespeople, our ultimate aim is to simplify the packaging process for you, to make it efficient, affordable, and regulated according to our company’s high-quality guidelines.

Customizing your packaging designs

We have extremely flexible services; hence, we can either design your packaging according to your given sample designs or help you formulate new designs, customized completely to your liking.

Our professional team of specialized workers also offer personalized advice wherever needed, to ensure that your products are carefully processed and packaged in the finest quality packing and eye-catching designs.

Although we customize packaging as well, our standard packaging options come in the following styles:

  • Bags: Our industry-standard bag-style packaging is formulated using high-quality raw materials with packing choices ranging from pillow bags, stand-up pouches, and back fin seals.
  • Cans: According to your packaging vision, you can choose between our metal cans and composite cans that come with degassing values.
  • MAP packaging: A popular choice amongst many of our clients, this high-technology seal modified atmosphere packaging ensures an eco-friendly packing for your tea brand to outweigh your competitors.

Upon request, design prototypes will also be provided to ensure that you are fully satisfied with your product’s packaging.

Processing your Order under Reasonable Quotes

PakCo promises to deliver competitive rates for your tea packaging so you can make the most bang out of your buck. After deciding on a quote, your order will be processed and formulated through our advanced technology equipment.

During the packaging process, we will always keep you in the loop through our customer portal to ensure that the tea packaging is rendered to your needs.

Contact PakCo for all tea contract packaging services in Melbourne or throughout Australia!

Personalized Delivery

At PakCo, their team of fully-qualified and experienced tradespeople has been assisting companies with their tea contract packaging services for decades. They understand the importance of supplying high-quality, affordable packaging services that meet all regulatory guidelines.

Unlike other contract services, our services don’t stop after your product’s packaging is completed. We extend our comprehensive services to the very end until your packaging is delivered to your doorsteps.

Upon request, PakCo makes personalized deliveries to your end-customers to encompass a wholesome hassle-free experience for you.

"I liked them because they are strong, do the job, and what I need for my company and they arrived on time."

Why Choose Us?

We strive to get your tea packaged in a timely manner while safeguarding quality, as we know your customers are counting on you just as much as you are counting on us! Make us a part of your team and trust us to meet deadlines and deliver your packaged tea after complete quality checks.

If you have been searching for and need a professional high-quality tea contract packaging service with a comprehensive breakdown of competitive quotes in Melbourne, or throughout Australia, then don’t hesitate to contact us at PakCo, as we may be the solution for your business, product, or company.

So, what are you waiting for?

Contact PakCo for all tea contract packaging services throughout Australia.

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