Tea packaging design

Tea packaging design

The design of a brand’s product packaging is a crucial aspect of their marketing as well, being a huge determining factor in their success, and achieving high sales depends on it much more than what some might believe. The same is true for tea manufacturing companies as well.

Packaging for products not only protects the product itself, but also catches the eye of the customer. With today’s much more socially conscious and informed customer base, every little detail of your packaging matters.

PakCo’s customizable packaging is not only environment friendly, but also convenient and effective. We offer a wide range of designs and sizes that you, as a tea manufacturer, could choose from.

Whether you want samplers, or large economy portions, we have got you covered!

Customize Your Pack with Our Specialized Printing Services

By applying reverse-print rotogravure technology, your labels always remain protected, as the ink does not get damaged after production, by scratching or smearing.

With the options of both matte and glossy finishes available for you, just send in your artwork to our department specifically trained for this work. If the mock-up is approved, our production team will start working on the printing.

Aesthetic packaging allows you to project your brand onto your consumers, attracting them to buying your tea.

We Promise to Use the Best Materials!

The material used in packaging is crucial, and many different options are available!

To save the environment, plant-based material trumps petroleum based, so that when disposed of, the packaging disposes in a moist, hot compost that is rich with microorganisms.

Some options are:

Rice paper: Stronger than commercially made wood-pulp paper, not only is our rice paper option eco-friendly, it also does not damage easily. With this selection, your product packaging can look classy and minimalist on the shelf.

Foil: The go-to for many tea producers, foil is impervious to not only air, but also moisture, light and bacteria. Helping your tea last, foil packaging prevents the oxidization of your product.

Convenience is Our Forte

PakCo does not claim to be the best packaging supplier in Melbourne for no reason. We help design your product’s packaging to make it convenient not only for you, but your retailers, and then your customers, too.

Hang Holes:

Being able to be placed on the shelves is vital, but beyond that, how shelf-space is utilized is vital to marketing your product. Some retailers only have limited space.

For this reason, our packaging has the option of hang holes as well. By being placed on retail hooks, hang holes make use of the display strips at the end of an aisle which majority come across, as well as on pegboards.

Besides the tea packages not being on restricted or unfavorable shelf space, they will also become more visible on the retail hooks.

See-Through Segments:

These exist for the customers to be able to see exactly the kind of product they are purchasing, something that is highly regarded by tea-lovers.


All of our packaging is reseal-able as well, to prevent any extra contact with the air. Our Stand-Up Pouches have a highly convenient, inbuilt zipper that provides a barrier-like protection. Even our Gusseted Bags have the ability to be folded down and resealed form the top.

At PakCo, we take pride in being a vital segment of your supply chain. In this article, we told you of all the aspects of packaging we consider important, that you might consider necessary as well.

To learn more about how we can help you in making your business successful, contact us.

"I liked them because they are strong, do the job, and what I need for my company and they arrived on time."

For More Information

Email the team at PakCo at orders@pakco.com.au. Or speak to us by calling: (03) 9751 7977.


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