Coffee packaging Melbourne australia

Coffee packaging Melbourne australia

The way your coffee beans are packaged truly makes the difference.

From customers’ response to retaining product’s freshness and flavour - remarkable boxes packing can help increase your coffee sales!

This is why, it is important for your coffee package boxes to be unique in appearance, allowing them to stand out in the crowd, as well as be of the best quality to maintain high quality standards.

Coffee Packaging That Stands Out

PakCo are the ultimate coffee packaging suppliers who can get you premium quality packaging in Australia.

Our packaging boxes will standout in the inventories of the retail stores, coffee shops, marts and more. Our intricate yet simple design with bold colours make our coffee box packaging easily spottable from a distance - PakCo will be your best packaging supplier.

Packing Boxes That Keep Your Coffee Fresh For Longer

We, at PakCo, know how important it is to keep your coffee fresh.

This is why we aim to provide you with the highest quality packaging box material. Our package boxes will provide the utmost protection that will not let your coffee become stale or musty.

Each box is lined by a coating layer on the inside for an added protection. This will prevent wetting and spoilage of your coffee beans. These bags will help your coffee beans retain their freshness for long, enabling customers to have the best flavour and aroma of freshly brewed coffee.

Types of Coffee Packaging

The most commonly used coffee packaging boxes are:

  • Stand up package boxes
  • Side gusset packaging box
  • One sided sealed box packaging
  • Flat bottom package boxes
  • Zipped coffee box packaging

Choose from Different Colours and Sizes PakCo

PakCo is the leading food packaging supplier in Melbourne, Australia that offers an array of coffee bags. You can choose from a variety of sizes and colours to match your budget and company needs.

With us, you can rest assured for the most attractive and startling design for coffee package boxes. What’s more? We offer tailored flexible packaging boxes with varying thickness, material and finish.

We Are Your Customised Packaging Suppliers Melbourne

At PakCo, you can get the customizable packaging boxes to match your needs.

With our latest equipment, we can create eye-catching and slender packaging boxes for your custom packaging Melbourne.

You can also order coffee box packaging with a clear window for customers to view the fresh coffee beans when making the purchase.

Get Your Coffee Packaging Boxes Designed Professionally

Confused about the design of your coffee boxes packaging or want to improvise an already existing one?

We at PakCo, have got you covered.

As reputable food packaging suppliers Melbourne, we can get your packaging boxes designed by our expert team of specialists. The domestic coffee consumption in Australia has decline from year 2016 to 2019. When you work with us, we can work this statistics up together.

Easy To Handle Packing Boxes

Our coffee box packaging has the benefit of being upright box packaging. This makes it easy for the box to sit on the shelves of a supermarket or in the warehouse as inventory. Our packaging boxes will not fall or tip over on your shelves and would not scramble from the middle.

Your customers will find it easy to use our perfectly squared up coffee packaging boxes. They will not plunge down the cabinet - making them a convenient to use package that prevents spillage and mess created over the counter.

Bottom Line

We are at your disposal to provide you with a complete packaging solution for your coffee beans. Wether you choose from our elegant packaging box templates or want your own customised ones, PakCo is here for help.

"I liked them because they are strong, do the job, and what I need for my company and they arrived on time."

For More Information

Email the team at PakCo at Or speak to us by calling: (03) 9751 7977.

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