Custom Printed Flat Pouches

Custom Printed Flat Pouches

We understand the hard work, time and money you have spent while crafting your product.

It should be paired with the most suitable packaging that would complement it and thus attract more customers to it.

As leading packaging suppliers, we have the optimal packaging solution designed just for you.

Flat Pouches

Flat pouches, otherwise known as pillow packs, are among the most popular packaging solutions. Their increased demand is due to their versatility.

Small and easy to use, their convenience has given them the edge over other packaging options. Yet, there is also another feature which makes flat pouches stand out: Economical.


Flat pouches are budget friendly, and can easily be customized as per your design needs to make them truly your own.

Customizable Printing

Research highlights that customers are more likely to pick products with attractive packaging. The attractive packaging acts as the bait while the product quality hooks the customer to the product.

As experienced packaging suppliers we have a top of the line facility. It is well equipped with the latest technology required for designing packaging for products. We specialize in customizable packaging. With the help of our latest equipment and capable team we can create the any packaging you want.

The latest printing machines here at PakCo have unlimited color options. Our digital printing equipment allows you to print anything you design, So, select the style and design the pattern that adds the wow factor to your product. We bring life to your ideas.

We provide you the facility to select the color, size, material, corners, patterns and every other detail of your product packaging.

Customizable Material Options

The outcome of the customized printing is highly dependent on the material used for packaging. The gloss and matte films create a major impact on the outlook.

Other than this, the packaging material is selected according to the requirement of the product.

We offer our customers a number of options for the manufacturing of the flat pouches.

Some of these material options include:

  • White paper
  • Brown paper
  • Metalized foils
  • Multi-layer synthetic sheets
  • Lamination sheets
  • Gloss sheets
  • Matte sheets
  • Translucent sheets
  • Transparent see through sheets

Additional Features to Customize

Most of our clients prefer to customize their product packaging according to the requirements of the product. The style and pattern of packaging are also kept under consideration while selecting these additional features.

We offer the following customizable features for flat pouches:

  • Rounded corners
  • Square corners
  • Window
  • Translucent packaging
  • Die cut handle
  • Sombrero punch

However, this is certainly not all.

If you wish for something else for your product’s packaging, you need only say the word – and PakCo makes it happen.

Closure Options

There are multiple methods of closing flat pouches. The most suitable method is dependent on the physical and chemical properties of the product inside.  The optimal closure method can increase the usability of the product and make it more attractive to the potential customers.

We offer the following options to our clients:

  • One-way valve
  • Slide zipper seal
  • Press seal
  • Heat seal along with a tear notch

Team Up With Us

By opting for flat pouches as packaging for your product, allow us at PakCo to take over.

From pouch manufacturing, to placing, cap welding, designing, product filling and pouch sealing – all processes are fully automated at our facility so there is negligible margin of error and the end results are flawless.

Here at PakCo, your input is catered and valued at every step so that you can have the best packaging for your product.

Let us help you to increase your sales by creating the most attractive packaging.

"I liked them because they are strong, do the job, and what I need for my company and they arrived on time."

For More Information

Email the team at PakCo at Or speak to us by calling: (03) 9751 7977.

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