Powders and Supplements Manufacturing

Powders and Supplements Manufacturing

Whether you’re looking to develop a revolutionary nutritional formula or a custom antioxidant blend, PakCo promises to deliver quality powders and supplements via advanced technology manufacturing.

The Challenge Task of Powder and Supplements Manufacturing

We understand how daunting it can be to produce quality powders and supplements; hence, we have made manufacturing an easy job for brand owners with our “one-stop” solutions. Our state-of-the-art machinery allows you to customize your product with a range of quality insured materials and facilities available.

Our team of professionals focus on understanding your product needs like the back of their hand. With the right details, at PakCo, we can help you mass-produce powders and supplements for health and fitness businesses among other industries. 

Diverse Product Creation

PakCo can create different mixes and blends of powders and health supplements. Name a product you have in mind, and we will definitely have a holistic solution to it! We can help you create custom formulas that fit under the TGA standards while providing you with the desired effects for your end-customers.

It is no secret that powders and health supplements are one of the hardest products to formulate, as a right balance is to be kept between the natural raw materials used and the flavors developed. But don’t worry! Our specialized team will help you every step of the way in formulating the best supplement in the market, as it is our goal to help you make the most out of your time, effort, and investment.

Adding Mouth-watering Flavors

With so many similar products in the market, you definitely don’t want yours to taste bad! Make your supplements stand out by developing them to taste delicious, while simultaneously keeping their nutrition value superior.

PakCo has a team of flavor experts readily available at your service to help you blend the right ingredients to formulate a tasty supplement. Our deep flavor portfolio includes hundreds of rich flavoring; So, whether you’re looking to add a chocolate flavor to your powdered supplements, or maybe a hint of vanilla, we will customize your formula just the way you want it to be!

Keep in mind that our sweetener selections and flavor profiles are made from 100% natural ingredients to guarantee your customers’ enhanced experience.


Full In-House Production Catered to Your Needs

PakCo is a one-stop-shop for powder and supplement businesses.

We take care of mixing and blending your formulation. All you have to do is supply us with an ingredient list, and we will prepare the product for you through our advanced in-house production facility.

After you have approved the raw materials and batch sheet, we will scale up the formulation process by blending the ingredients and putting the process in full motion.

Tailored Services

We also manage the design for bottles and packages. We’ll help you create an appealing package that catches an eye and sell fast, while accurately fitting product/ingredient information.

Speaking of packages, we design bottles too! If you wish to customize the bottles for your health supplements, including caps and labeling rendered to the FDA regulations, let us know the dimensions you’re looking for, and your product will be created in a whim.

We can do all the previous with custom dimensions too. PakCo can help you create and sell your products with different units per item.

Top-notch Quality Control Measures

High-quality supplement production is synonymous with top-notch quality control measures. We not only take care of our machinery by sanitizing it after every batch production but have also made sure to issue strict quality-control policies for our employees to follow.

Since powders and supplements tend to be sensitive products, with strong effects on our body, we go through a series of checks, including:

  • Assurance and quality tests
  • Fresh raw materials
  • Sample tests for every batch produced
  • FDA-approved label requirements
  • TGA Approvals
  • Accurate laboratory requirements

Furthermore, our formulation process is kept under strict check, with only authorized employees allowed in the production facility for the manufacturing process. A third-party laboratory always tests the finished product for client fulfillment.

Our safety measures extend to controlling and inspecting the raw materials used in production, as we ensure that no substandard or obsolete material makes it through to the formulation process.

"I liked them because they are strong, do the job, and what I need for my company and they arrived on time."

Why Choose PakCo?

Client satisfaction is our top-most priority; hence, we will always keep you in the loop during the production process. After every batch produced, you will be contacted for an optional sample testing, while we inspect the formula for its consistency in flavoring and textures.

Being entirely in-house, we’ll output your product at a faster pace than normal. And we’ll do so without compromising the final product quality.

PakCo also saves you production costs. You now don’t have to hire employees to take care of different aspects of the manufacturing process.

Finally, we’ll give you an easy manufacturing experience.

Without compromising on the final product quality, we produce at a faster pace than average. With PakCo, you will be saving more than just production costs.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us to discuss your project.

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