Food Packaging Design, Printing, and Manufacturing

Over the years, PakCo has perfected the art of food manufacturing, packaging design, and printing, earning the title of one of the best contract manufacturing companies in Melbourne.

We have manufactured and packaged food for various companies by creating the world's finest food ingredients.

If you wish to add value to both your product and your brand, trust us to create a custom holistic food manufacturing and packaging service plan for you.

An All-Inclusive Manufacturing Process

At PakCo, we offer an entirely in-house production process, from start to finish. With our primary focus being on top-quality food manufacturing and packaging, we have trained our staff to specialize in the production process for your utmost satisfaction; hence, consider us an integral part of your manufacturing process by delegating us the opportunity to provide you with our services.

Rendering our services to your need, we will get your products to the market as efficiently and quickly as possible with a reasonable quote.

A quick overview of what we offer:

  • Quality food manufacturing with grade-A ingredients
  • Custom packaging designs and printing 
  • Your choice of safe packing materials

What else are you looking for? You name a manufacturing and packaging problem, and we’ve got a solution for it! At PakCo, we act as a department that saves you the need to seek multiple specialists, just to put out your product. Part of that includes offering packaging design, printing, and manufacturing for your food products.

Breakdown of Our Manufacturing Services

Spray Drying 

A popular choice amongst our clients that wish to convert their ingredients into a high-quality powder seamlessly. Overlooked by professionals at every step, this manufacturing technique converts your choice of ingredients into custom food-grade powder through water evaporation and chemical processing.  


Want to blend the finest quality powders and ingredients available to customize your food manufacturing process? Try our extrusion technique, which uses heat pressure to combine ingredients with minor liquids to form your choice of texture and final product.

Dry and Liquid Blending 

Using our advanced ribbon and plow machinery, we customize our customer’s ingredients into a well-blended solution with our exclusive dry blending process. Similarly, we also offer liquid blending using low-viscosity reactions in our specialized liquid blending tanks.

Premium Packaging Services

Our packagingprinting, and designs ace TGA standards. We ensure that your products hit the market safely and without compromising their internal makeup. In fact, our packaging doesn’t only focus on externals. We select the finest packaging materials that ensure a long shelf life for your food, without any loss in taste or texture.

So not only do our packaging services keep your food up to standard. But they also keep your end consumer satisfied, ensuring they come back for more!

Consumer Packaging

Tailored to your needs, we package a range of food varieties, ranging from dry food products to liquid blends, in your choice of high-quality packaging materials. We even offer re-packing services like no other renowned company, as we wish to serve our customers wholly.

If your existing product needs to be repackaged into another style, you can count on us to deliver you the long-term investment you’re looking for!

Creating Prototypes

We understand how vital food packaging is to your marketing strategies, which is why we take great care in generating package designs that will appeal to your end customers.

Our staff has the expertise to help you design what constitutes an excellent food package by helping you plan out different designs in various sizes. Plus, we generate prototypes for multiple package sizes too. We can help you create packages for any purpose, from pocket snacks to large family-sized bags!

For your utmost convenience, we offer to draft out prototypes of your designs to you within a span of hours.

Strict Quality Controls to Preserve Freshness

Our state-of-the-art facility has strict quality control measured introduced in line with the industry standards for all our employees and higher staff alike to maintain excellent food standards, be it in manufacturing or packaging your food products.

To ensure that your custom blended food reaches your customers in its utmost freshness, PakCo ensures that the packaging is much more than just a means of transporting your goods safely and focuses on carefully preserving the product’s freshness.

"I liked them because they are strong, do the job, and what I need for my company and they arrived on time."

Why Choose Us?

At PakCo, we value long-term partnerships with all businesses; hence, our people collaborate with you. And as a result, we’re happy to accept the needs of startup companies. Plus, we’re quite adaptable in output. We’re always in tune with how much inventory you need, in addition to any immediate changes you’d like in production quantity. We can handle as little as a few dozen units per order – and well over 5 digits if needed!

Our team of highly skilled employees works tirelessly to evaluate the end-product you want like the back of their hand, which guarantees a smooth production process with easy-to-use and resealable packaging.

Throughout the process, we will keep you in the loop so that you can make the most out of your investment.

What are you waiting for? Contact us today to set up a meeting and draft out a holistic plan well-suited to your food manufacturing and packaging needs!

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