Food And Packaging Production Jobs

Food And Packaging Production Jobs Melbourne

The food and packaging industry is a vastly growing industry worldwide providing jobs to thousands of people all around the globe. Most of the jobs related to food production and packaging do not require that much of education but skills are the part where no industry compromise in order to give the best food products and high-quality packaging solutions to the customers.

Jobs Description

Production workers, packaging workers, and packaging design workers play the most crucial roles in the overall process of food manufacturing, packaging, and distribution.

Packaging and production workers produce and pack the food items. They are responsible for assembling, sorting, producing, labeling, bottling, and designing the packaging boxes of food.

Production workers also operate and maintain the machinery, checks the quality requirements of products, and finalize the food products for shipping and transportation.

The job of a packaging designer is to provide an aesthetic and pleasing appearance to the packaging of food products to attract the customers and enhance the shelf presence of products.

Let’s have a look at each of the above-mentioned job in detail:

  1. Production Worker

Following are the duties of production workers:

  • Taking all necessary health and safety measures
  • Assembling parts and food products
  • Monitoring the assembly line and removing defective products
  • Maintaining a clean production floor and workspace.
  • Strictly following production guidelines as provided
  • Finalizing the products for shipments
  • Reporting any issues to the manager on duty


Production Worker Requirements

Following are the job requirements of product workers:

  • Physically fit
  • High school diploma
  • Previous experience in a warehouse or industry
  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to do teamwork
  • Basic math skill
  • Experience in operating and handling manufacturing and packaging machines


  1. Product Packager

Following are the duties of production packagers:

  • Maintain a clean work environment
  • Pack, label, and weigh the manufactured items for shipment or storage
  • Identify and discard any faulty products
  • Follow the guidelines provided by the company for packaging products
  • Properly use all the packaging supplies
  • Keep complete records of the materials that are being used


Packager Requirements

Following are the job requirements of product packagers:

  • High school diploma
  • Prior experience in packaging and handling food products
  • Able to follow written and verbal instructions
  • Desire to work with other team members
  • Strong communication skills


  1. Package Designer

Following are the duties of package designers:

  • Analyzing the artwork and design provided by the client
  • Estimating the cost, safety, and branding of the design according to the product
  • Illustrating the client’s ideas and providing different sample designs
  • Using hand-drawn sketches or software to create a digital draft
  • Create a prototype as per the need of the client
  • Work with professional engineers to make sure that the prototype is safe and cost-effective


Package Designer Requirements

Following are the duties of package designers:

  • Must be a degree holder in industrial design or related field
  • Should have a portfolio to showcase their skills
  • Experience in using creative design software to create graphics and artworks
  • Ability to generate neat and attractive hand-drawn sketches

Should be able to work under pressure to complete the bulk orders in minimum time

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