Company branded packaging

Understanding Brand Packaging

Brand Packaging combines the art of marketing, designing, and labelling. It is when a company uses its logo, a distinctive color scheme, or a trademarked design to differentiate its packaging boxes from other brand’s packaging boxes. Packaging boxes are as essential as the product that is being packaged as it is the first thing the potential customers notice. Hence, company branded packaging is crucial for your business’ success as well as growth.

PakCo – The Ultimate Packaging Solution

Within a grand ‘branding master plan’, brand packaging that employs customized boxes play a crucial role.  At PakCo, we excel at the art of offering customizable packaging that helps a brand differentiate itself and stand out from the rest of the competition. We leave no stone unturned in ensuring that out clients are satisfied. We provided packaging services of highest quality and tailored exactly according to the brand, helping our clients achieve competitive advantage.

Significance of Brand Packaging

A well-established brand name is an asset for the company. For most brands, especially luxury brands, their value proposition lies in their brand name. Therefore, it is essential to showcase, and thereby market their brand name through custom packaging – a service only a few companies like PakCo offer.

Differentiation Through Brand Packaging

A product can have a sound value proposition but will need to grab the consumers’ attention. To do so, the brand packaging has to be consistently impressive and aesthetic, so the product becomes distinctive, and memorable.

PakCo’s service of boxes’ packaging offers an opportunity to allow a brand to evolve from a simple commodity to an expression of luxury. We do so by customizing boxes to be memorable. Brand memorability determines “brand recall” in the minds of the customers; better the brand recall, more brand equity the company will enjoy.

Brand equity might seem like an abstract concept; however, brand equity is an asset that builds a base of loyal customers.

Philosophy for Brand Packaging

At PakCo, we believe the brand packaging has to be relevant and engaging for the right audience. No matter how distinctive and well-positioned a brand is, it has to reach the right audience to have more sales.

Through our premium customized boxes and good quality packaging in Sydney, we provide bespoke solutions that reach the intended target audiences. Moreover, our ability to offer tailored packaging solutions comes from our years of experience, excellence, and dedication.

Outsourcing Brand Packaging

In today’s world, most of the highly successful companies outsource their packaging and packaging supply, amongst other tasks. With a responsibility to meet our customers’ packaging supplies and needs, PakCo assists companies in increasing their efficiency levels.

Our satisfied clientele is a proof of growing trend of outsourcing and a testament to PakCo’s excellence in timely delivery of customizable boxes’ delivery.

Brand Packaging for Consumer Goods and Fast-Moving Consumer Goods

Consumers good, especially fast-moving consumer goods (FMCGs) were often thought to not have a brand until global brands like Unilever and Nestle redefined that notion.

FMCGs also required brand packaging. However, it is rare to find packaging supplier for consumer goods. Food packaging supplier are far and few in Sydney.

Since it is uncommon to have brand packaging for FMCGs, there is potential for companies to grab a sizeable market share. PakCo – Assemco’s Packaging Division is dedicated to help create package boxes for companies that wish to dominate the market through brand packaging and packaging products.

"I liked them because they are strong, do the job, and what I need for my company and they arrived on time."

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