The Food Industry in Australia

The Food Industry in Australia

The Food Industry has made major contributions to the Australian economy in the past decade. Australian produce is exported to over 200 markets worldwide.

Australia is blessed with temperate south and a tropical north which is the reason behind the diversity of products. The climatic differences allow the cultivation of an extensive variety of agricultural products.

The food industry thus has a reputation for providing natural and clean products with low ratios of chemical residues. Safety and quality of food products are paramount due to the strict standards being enforced throughout the supply chain.

Training Facilities

Australia has a well established and up to date training and education system in the beverage and food industry. As a result of this, they have an extremely efficient and adept workforce.

These individuals are trained to work in adaptable environments. Such skilled members of the workforce are responsible for keeping the whole industry functioning like clockwork.

Industry Sectors

Due to the immense structure of the Australian food and beverage industry, it has been divided into various sectors. This distribution of sectors varies from place to place within Australia. The most common distribution of sectors is as follows:

  • Hospitality

All the takeaway stores, hotels, cafes, and restaurants are included in this category. The caterers for events and various conferences, stall owners in local markets, and tour operators are involved in the hospitality sector.

  • Retail

The individuals working in retail are owners or employees of supermarkets, convenience stores, and delicatessens. Food businesses that prepare food at a designated location but sell it in another are also a part of the retail sector.

  • Health and Community

This sector of the food industry consists of parties who prepare, sell, or handle food products for vulnerable people. This includes childcare services, nursing homes, and hospital catering.

  • Food Processing

The food processing sector comprises of various units manufacturing food products. This includes winemakers, breweries, bakeries, flour mills, and canneries.

  • Transportation and Distribution

This sector handles the food items in warehouses and is responsible for their delivery. Water carriers and distributors are included in it as well.

Workplace Safety and Health

Major food groups in Australia have highlighted workplace safety and health as an integral part of their values and vision. The food industries and workplaces have been designed to ensure the safety of contractors, employees, visitors, and customers. Health and safety management systems have been deployed according to the Australian standard 4801.

Food Safety and Quality

Outstanding food quality is the backbone of Australia's food industry. Due to exceptional quality, Australian produce has a high demand in international markets.

The technological improvements have been utilized to ensure the quality and safety of food across the country. Online monitoring, interactive spreadsheets, real-time monitoring, programmed quality assurance checks, and electronic risk review systems have been implemented for this purpose.

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