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In an environmentally aware world that requires adherence to plastic and waste reduction by-laws, pouches have become a natural first choice for packaging suppliers. Pouches also complement the use of packaging boxes. PakCo is committed to make its contribution for an environmental social cause by offering pouch packaging, Australia.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

At PakCo, we use sustainable raw material to craft our pouch packages and packaging boxes. Our eco-friendly pouches are reusable and recyclable. Our company offers pouches and a certainty that our clients will conveniently meet legal requirements of sustainable packaging Australia

A Selling Point

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware about their consumption patterns, carbon footprint, and plastic wastage. Cognizant of evolving consumer preferences, PakCo offers couch packaging and boxes packaging that are bound to sell and please the end consumers.


Our pouches are made with a scientific approach. We stay away from mis-planned, badly designed Norman pouches. PakCo offers pouches packaging that has an easy-to-use resealable lock technology that is airtight and keeps the contents of the pouches safe, dry, and fresh for longer.

Heat Resistant

We believe every packaging in Australia has to have heat resistance. With global warming that engenders rising temperatures, especially in Australia, PakCo producespouches packaging that is heat resistant and offers increased durability against harsh weather conditions.

Cost Effective

In the wake of a pandemic, Covid-19, the world is going through a global financial crisis. Financially dire conditions cause the companies to slash their spending to sustain or increase their profits. PakCo, during these turbulent times, is rendering pouch packaging that accommodates more content in less pouch and box packaging space. We offer pouches that are smaller, slimmer, and lighter.

Therefore, our packaging products, especially pouch packaging, assists clients slash their spending and acquire cost effective methods for production.

Aesthetic and Functionality

PakCo designs pouches’ packaging by recognizing changing trends, fashions, and preferences of Australians. Customizable packaging of pouches allows companies the creative freedom to experiment with different artistic ideas.

In addition to visual aesthetics, our pouches and custom packaging products are designed so that they occupy less space in cupboards and supermarket shelves by standing upright to save space, look aesthetic, and easy to get one’s hands on.

Extraordinarily Recognizable

PakCo utilizes premium sustainable material to make its pouches and packaging food boxes. This allows the pouches to stand out from the competition by being visually appealing by providing a premium look and high quality feel to the pouches.

When pouches are combined with companies’ branding it allows optimal positioning and encourages consistent branding.


PakCo uses cutting edge technology in its production line to offer top of the line pouches and gift boxes. Quick and efficient production line ensures our pouches are delivered on time and are available in a variety of choices in terms of shape, size, and design and color.

Bottom Line

Plastic packaging that was bland, boring, and unsustainable has become history. Customizable packaging boxes and pouch packaging are a thing of the future and provide a glimpse of what promises the future holds.

Researches have shown pouch packaging increases sales number for companies and encourages brand loyalty amongst consumers making pouches a favorite packaging supply option for companies.

To conclude, switching to PakCo pouches’ packaging will offer a unique opportunity to capture and lead the market while contributing to the environment by reducing plastic bag usage.

"I liked them because they are strong, do the job, and what I need for my company and they arrived on time."

For More Information:

To find out more; email the team at PakCo at orders@pakco.com.au. Or speak to us by calling: (03) 9751 7977.

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