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Food and beverage manufacturing is currently Australia’s largest growing industry, employing more than 300,000 Australians. These industries generate a revenue of up to $131 billion.

The food manufacturing sector produces food for domestic as well as international brands. The food products manufactured here in Australia are exported to other countries such as Korea, China, New Zealand, Japan, the USA, and more.

The Australian food industry implements methods and techniques to assure the deliverance of safe, sustainable, and healthy foods and beverages to consumers all over the country and outside of the country as well.

well-known food manufacturers

Let’s explore some of the well-known food manufacturers in the country.

  1. Fonterra

Fonterra claims to be the leading supplier of milk and dairy products in Australia. It is a New Zealand owned company. The dairy products of Fonterra are the best and of high quality which provides full nutritional value and health benefits to more than 100 countries worldwide.


  1. Coca-cola Amatil Limited (CCA)

Coca-cola Amatil Limited (CCA) is one of the largest suppliers of non-alcoholic ready-to-drink beverages in Australia and one of the five major bottlers of coca-cola in the world. It operates in six countries – Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, and Samoa. The company also supplies bears and coffee.


  1. Lion

Lion is a food and beverage company. It synthesizes a wide range of beverages like beer, cider, wine, spirits, as well as other dairy beverages like flavored milk, juices, yogurts, cheese, and soy products. It operates in Australia and New Zealand.


  1. Murray Goulburn Co-operative Limited

It is one of Australia’s largest milk processing companies. It holds a 21% market share in Australia’s milk and cream production. The headquarters are located in Sydney.


  1. PakCo

PakCo is the leading food manufacturing and packaging company in Melbourne with trusted brands and customers countrywide. PakCo synthesizes a wide variety of food products and has to offer perfect packaging solutions for every kind of food product as well depending on the nature and requirements of the product.



  1. George Weston Foods

It is one of the largest consumer products firm in Australia. It consists of four divisions:


  • Baking division – it is situated in Australia and New Zealand and responsible for some of the well-known brands’ bakery products.
  • Cereform Division – it supplies cake mixes and baking items to several commercial and industrial sectors.
  • The DON-KRC division – it produces and distributes specialty products like salami, hams, frankfurts, bacon, fresh sausages, and much more.
  • Jasol – it produces cleaning and industrial chemicals.
  • Weston Cereal Industries (WCI) – it manufactures flour.


  1. Wilmar International

It is a Singapore-based company and runs all the food operations through Goodman Fielder Subsidiary. It is a leader in the production of flour, sugar, and dairy products and also manufactures several spreads and condiments.


  1. Nestle

It is the third-largest confectionery supplier in Australia. It produces a large number of cereal and coffee brands in the country.


  1. Mondelez

It is an American company and a leading chocolate supplier in Australia. It manufactures boxed chocolates, chocolate bars, and other candy products.


  1. Parmalat

It is an Italian-based company that produces dairy products and desserts as well. It specializes in the production of milk and a variety of cheese.


  1. Asahi

It is the second-largest beverage distributing company in Australia. It is a Japanese company and a licensed supplier of Pepsi.Co-products.


  1. Inghams Enterprises

It is an Australian-based company and listed as the supplier of poultry and fodder. The company claims to be the largest supplier of poultry products in the country.


  1. Breadtop

It is a bakery franchise manufacturing a wide range of bread, buns, and pastries. The franchise has over 70 stores in different cities of Australia.


  1. Nuttelex

It is an Australian manufacturer of margarine, situated in Melbourne. It is the oldest brand of margarine in Australia, first manufactured in 1932.


  1. Three Threes Condiments

It is a condiment producer of Australia with a huge variety of products. For example, choc-honey spread, apple sauce, mint jelly, pickled onions, stuffed vine leaves, stuffed olives, and much more.


The food and beverage industry is thriving day by day, providing a sound economic growth to the country.

The latest and innovative developments are constantly been made in this sector which helps it to grow and remain Australia’s most influential industry.

Regardless of the changes being made in the wider sector, food manufacturing remains to be the powerhouse for employment and economic growth of the country – with PakCo one of the best in the field.

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