How to design packaging


Canva is arguably the most popular and useful designing tool in the current era.

Using Canva, you can precisely prepare visual content according to your requirements, regardless of whether you use a pre-designed image or a blank canvas.

Canva allows you to design images for Facebook posts, flyers, infographics, alongside providing the option of customizable packaging.

Through this powerful bit of designing ammunition, you can design customized boxes, using design elements of your choice.

Let’s see how you can design your own packaging using Canva.

Step 1 – Layout Browsing

Before you start designing, you should take a bit of time to take a look at the numerous logo layouts available.


These logo templates can be seen by simply clicking on the ‘Logo’ option, present below ‘Create a design.’ The sidebar on the left will automatically display all the present layouts.

Alternatively, you can choose the ‘Template’ option and then enter ‘Logos’ in the search bar.


If you have a layout design in mind, and you find that it is close to one of the existing designs, a quicker and convenient route would be to simply customize that existing layout, instead of preparing a logo right from scratch.


If you are unable to locate the right kind of layout, you might just have to step in the dirt and prepare the design from the beginning.

Step 2 - Choosing the Color Palette

An excellent first step in the designing process is the creation of your color palette.


Clicking any part of the design will bump up the options menu. Once you spot the colors icon, you will be able to either create your own palette or select one of the default ones.


To make your palette, select the “+” icon present below ‘Document colors’ and bring the color wheel up. Choose your desired color, and you will automatically receive a color code from Canva. This will allow you to integrate your chosen shades into your branding.


If you want to pick a new color, just press “+” again.

After choosing the colors, put a background color (unless you want it white). Do this before you fill the logo with any other elements.


Selecting the desired color from the palette will fill your background with that color.

Step 3 – Choosing the font

If you wish to add text to the logo, now is the time to do it.


For text, you have two options. The first is manually adding and choosing fonts, using features like ‘add heading,’ ‘add subheading’ or/and ‘add a little bit of text.’ Another option is assessing the existent font layouts and customizing one of them. Either option is present in the left-handed sidebar.


For the manual option, you will first have to add text to the design through the ‘Add’ option. Once you have added a heading and a subheading, along with any other text, you can alter the font color, style, and size with the help of the menu options at the top of the design.

Step 4 – Adding extra style elements

These style elements include shapes, lines, icons, and illustrations, and are present on the left sidebar.


Selecting the clicking square present on the upper-left menu bar will allow you to switch colors for any style element.

Step 5 – Complete and save

Once you feel that your logo is ready, select the ‘Download’ button to save a copy of all your hard work.

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Canva’s immense range and versatility make it the perfect tool for designing packages.

However, it can prove slightly difficult for a beginner to create the right mix of layout, hues, and design for the perfect packaging.

Therefore, PakCo makes your work easier by taking over the packaging designing task with experienced professionals well-versed with Canva and other graphic designing tools.

If you are in search of designs of packaging for products truly meant for your brand – contact PakCo.

To find out more email the team at PakCo at Or speak to us by calling: (03) 9751 7977.

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