Australian Packaging Industry Statistics

Australian Food Industry Statistics

The food industry is among the major industries in Australia’s economy. It plays a significant role in the economy in terms of employment ratios and financial contributions. As Australia's largest manufacturing industry, beverage and food processing has diverse players in it. Multinational corporations are controlling the flow of consumer goods and small setups supplying the gourmet items. This dynamic industry is driven by the consumers' demands for value, quality, and diversity.

The food range available across the nation reflects its cultural and ethnic diversity. The influence of Middle Eastern, Asian, and European products is visible in the food sector. Food certification standards and systems cater to foods having specific attributes like organic, halal, and kosher.

This industry exports goods to more than 200 international markets.

Sectors in Australian Food Industry

According to annual reports, the food industry in Australia is divided into the following sectors:

  • Nutritional and dairy ingredients
  • Consumer nutrients
  • Plant-based beverages
  • Snacks and cereals
  • Specialty seafood

Now let’s take a look at the EBDITA and sales growth of each sector in 2019.

Sales Growth 2019
Sector $ Million Change % Change
Nutritional and dairy ingredients $ 110 79 %
Consumer nutrients $ 4.6 32.3 %
Plant-based beverages $ 23.8 29.3 %
Snacks and Cereals $ -15.6 -15.1 %
Specialty seafood $ 0.3 2.3 %

EBDITA Growth 2019

Sector $ Million Change % Change
Nutritional and dairy ingredients $ 19 112.6 %
Consumer nutrients $ 1.7 47.1 %
Plant-based beverages $ 8.9 47.5 %
Snacks and Cereals $ -4.9 -34.7 %
Specialty seafood $ -1.6 -111.1 %

Revenue Trend

The overall revenue generated by the Australian food industry in the past couple of years along with the estimated values for the upcoming years can be seen in the following table.


Year Revenue Generated in US $
2017 $ 2,555
2018 $ 2,833
2019 $ 3,160
2020 $ 4.167
2021 $ 4,459
2022 $ 4,629
2023 $ 4,732
2024 $ 4,792


The revenue generated is projected to reach around $ 4,732 until 2023. The constant increase in revenue growth highlights the potential of the Australian food industry.


The number of users in the food and beverage sector has been predicted to increase along with revenue growth.


Year Users in Millions
2017 3.8
2018 4.3
2019 5.1
2020 5.8
2021 6.4
2022 7.1
2023 7.8
2024 8.3

Food Safety and Quality

The quality of Australia's food production is the key element behind a large number of exports and increasing revenue.

To ensure the quality and safety of food items, packaging needs to be ideal. There are many packaging suppliers in Australia that package items for export. PakCo is among the top food packaging suppliers Sydney.  At PakCo, customizable packaging is crafted for food products that not only add an extra layer of protection but to attract more potential customers. Our top of the line facility is equipped with the latest equipment and has strict measures for quality assurance.


The Australian food industry has a major contribution to its economy.

This huge industry stands upon the pillars of quality of food products, safety measures, and ideal packaging to maintain quality.

As a leading packaging supplier PakCo plays a vital role in the food industry of the nation. Without proper packaging suppliers the industry cannot function effectively and efficiently.

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