Recyclable stand up pouches


The increase in consumer concerns and popularity of environmentally-friendly products has encouraged numerous brands to shift towards more sustainable packaging products.


One of the ways of making packaging eco-friendly is through the use of flexible packaging.


Compared to other packaging formats, manufacturing and transporting flexible packaging takes up less energy and fewer resources, while also reducing the amounts of Carbon Dioxide emissions.


Moreover, by extending the useful life of the product it carries, flexible packaging prevents food from being wasted.


To add to this, flexible packaging that is digitally printed, further increases the benefits, such as using lesser quantities of materials.


Recyclable packaging supplies such as stand-up pouches are a massive step towards eco-friendly production.

Why Is Recyclable Packaging Here To Stay?

We can see that recyclable pouches are becoming more and more common. This is primarily due to rising consumer demands for eco-friendly package supplies, along with domestic and foreign pressure.


This has propelled companies – and entire countries – to explore feasible recyclable options to tackle resource waste.


Large organizations such as Unilever, PepsiCo, Mars, Nestle, have made commitments to use hundred percent recyclable compostable, or reusable packaging for products, by 2025.


In particular, Coca-Cola is also actively supporting recycling programs and infrastructure throughout the USA while also spreading awareness within consumers and making recycling bins more accessible.

Rising for Recycling

Not only are organizations pledging to go for recyclable package supplies, but are also endorsing initiatives that will enable consumers to increase recycling of current packaging.


This is because the recycling of flexible packaging can be a challenge, and an increase in infrastructure and education will contribute immensely towards bringing a positive change in the long-term.


One example of recycling challenges is that it is not possible to recycle plastic films through curbside bins present at home. These films need to be carried to a drop-off place, like a grocery store or any other retail shop, where it would be collected and eventually recycled.


However, due to a lack of awareness, many consumers end up throwing many wastages in curbside bins, from where the waste supplies end up at a landfill.

Labelling of Recyclable Pouches

Companies also attempt to educate their customers through adequate communication and labelling.


Labelled packaging products often guide the consumer how to proceed with the package once the product has been used.


Such labels can include consumer action, for instance, rinsing the pouch. They can also indicate the components which are (or are not) recyclable.


Therefore, adding labels about recycling is an easy and effective method of increasing consumer contribution towards recycling.

Materials You Can Use To Manufacture Recyclable Pouches

It is considered difficult to recycle standard beverage and food pouches, primarily since flexible packaging contains multiple layers, which might be difficult to separate.


However, certain suppliers and retail companies are trying to figure out ways to eliminate specific layers such as PET (polyethylene terephthalate) or foil in certain packages to make them more recyclable.


Taking things one step further, some suppliers are coming up with pouches prepared through recyclable EVOH film, PE-PE films, compostable reins, and PCR resins.


Owing to its benefits for the consumers, producers, and the environment, recyclable pouches will continue to become mainstream, becoming a critical factor in promoting flexible packaging.


At PakCo, we offer stand-up pouches that are entirely recyclable, made of high-barrier PE-PE films.


Through recyclable water basted-inks, we focus on decreasing waste and VOC emissions – to make the world a better place for us, and the generations to come.

"I liked them because they are strong, do the job, and what I need for my company and they arrived on time."

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