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The importance of coffee bags cannot be overlooked.

The type of coffee packaging supply you choose will determine not only the product’s freshness, but also your operational efficiency; if and how your product will stand out amongst others and, ultimately, the positioning of your brand.

In short, the coffee packaging product is an impactful business tool. Therefore, it is imperative that you choose the best packaging option.

At PakCo, we sell a range of different coffee bags and pouches, and you can purchase these packaging supplies directly from us.

Let us discuss the different types of coffee packaging products that we have on offer.

Stand-up Pouches

This is one of the most commonly used bags in the coffee market, mainly since it tends to cost less than many other options.

The bags consist of a bottom gusset and two panels, resulting in a triangular appearance.

This packaging supply often has a resealable zipper that enables the coffee to remain fresh, even after the user has opened the bag.

Moreover, the bottom gusset lets the bag stay upright on shelves and allows sufficient room for advertising and branding. With a capable designer, this packaging style can be effectively transformed into a highly attractive bag.

The wide opening allows roasters to fill coffee with ease, thereby allowing operations to function smoothly and quickly.

The trio of low price, good quality, and convenience, has made the stand-up pouch one of the most desirable choices within medium and small-sized coffee sellers.

Flat-bottom Pouches

This is a gorgeous bag.

With their squared design, flat-bottom pouches can stand upright without any assistance, appearing prominent on shelves.

Furthermore, depending on the materials used, this packaging product can appear modern and stylish. Often, these bags also contain a zipper, which makes resealing easier.

Also, if they wish customers can consume a little coffee and then seal the bag again, keeping the remaining coffee fresh.

The side gussets mean that, despite the smaller size, flat-bottom pouches can contain a decent amount of coffee. This makes the bag more efficient to transport and store, as well as environmentally friendly.

The only downside about this pouch is that its price is slightly higher, reflecting the efforts it takes to design.

A good idea would be to compare the benefits of freshness and branding, against the cost involved, to make a rational decision.

Side-Gusset Pouches

Despite their conventionality, side-gusseted packaging products are highly popular. This bag is also called a ‘side-folded’ bag.

A side-gusset pouch is strong and durable, and the ideal option when larger quantities of coffee are involved.

With flat bottoms, these pouches can stay upright on their own, when filled with coffee. If the bag is empty, it will only be able to stand upright if its bottom is folded.

They can be easily branded since they are printable from every side. Another advantage is that side-gusset bags are cheaper compared to other coffee package supplies.

On the flip side, they do not have zippers. They are typically closed or folding by rolling and then using a tin tie or an adhesive tape. Even though this closing style is easy, it is not as effective as zippers, and therefore, the coffee will remain fresh for a shorter period.


There are plenty of factors to consider before you decide on a particular coffee package supply. These factors include cost, durability, operations, branding and presentation, supplier, amongst others.

The crucial thing is to understand your company’s packaging objective, perform comprehensive research, and choose the packaging option that best aligns with the organization’s goals.

If you wish for packaging that stands distinct from the rest – team up with our specialized packaging team at PakCo and get your coffee bags directly from us!

"I liked them because they are strong, do the job, and what I need for my company and they arrived on time."

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