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Packaging products serves multiple roles.

The packaging not only creates ease in storage, especially for fragile goods, but also allows the product to reach the consumer, intact and undamaged.

Additionally, the package contains essential information about the product, such as its date of production, price, weight, expiry date (for perishable items), and ingredients.

Most importantly, customizable packaging speaks to the consumers about your brand and its values.

Therefore, getting the packaging for products right is highly crucial for any organization.

Let’s have a look at the top twenty companies that can serve your needs, and provide you with the best packaging in Australia:

1) PakCo

PakCo, is the packaging subdivision for AssemCo.

It comprises of an experienced team and the latest technology to deliver premium packaging services such as bottling, sachet filling, and capping.

2) Brown Paper Packaging

With innovation at its forefront, the company prepares numerous unique packaging designs.

Its range includes handle-less paper bags, organza bags, mailing bags, as well as several types of gift boxes.

3) PowerPak

This family-run business provides cost-effective packaging supplies to its clients.

Amongst other things, PowerPak supplies protective packaging, industrial products, and adhesive tapes.

4) Packaging R US

Apart from being a quality packaging supplier, this Canning Vale setup also helps customers with other office products, including kitchen equipment, washroom products, and uniforms.

5) Food Packaging Online

As the name suggests, this company specializes in providing food packaging supplies. The items on offer involve various kinds of plates, containers, trays, bags, napkins, and cups.

6) Mormac Packaging

This packaging company sells diversified packaging supplies.

From generic materials such as plastic bags, down to specialized ones like bottle sleeves – they have it all.

7) Omega

This company caters to businesses in the fresh fruit and garden market garden departments.

One of the recent packaging suppliers Melbourne has, Omega, was established to meet its customers’ packaging demands in timely and cost-effective ways.

8) Food Packaging Australia

The second food packaging supplier on our list, this company has been serving customers in the Smallgoods and meat industries, for over three decades.

9) Titan Packaging

Titan Packaging supplies packaging material all across Australia and New Zealand.

Their packaging products assist several industry segments, such as gift, food, retail, and promotional.

10) FPA Australia

Established in 1989, FPA Australia is a Perth-based family business, with warehouses in other major cities as well.

It provides food packaging materials, including coffee cups and compostable containers.

11) QIS Australia

QIS has been operational for 32 years, providing packaging solutions to industries such as food, construction, agriculture, commercial warehousing, retail, schools, and even the government.

12) Adelaide Packaging

This family-run operation believes in quality, and therefore, stocks products such as tapes, adhesives, and cleaning products from market-leading brands.

13) Favorite Plastics Australia

This company sells packaging products for business and personal use. Its products consist of bread bags, medical bags, nursery bags, and pouches, among many other things.

14) LAVA Australia

One of the leading vacuum packaging stores in the country; LAVA offers twelve different kinds of vacuum sealers, and over fifty premium seal rolls and bags.

15) PR Packaging

This family business supplies a range of customizable packaging products, such as boxes, plastic and paper bags, and garment covers.

16) Vital Packaging

This enterprise deals with packaging products related to manufacturing, wholesale, mining, and public sector. It also provides swift delivery services to country and metropolitan areas.

17) J.B Packaging

One of the market leaders in product packaging, J.B Packaging has served several industries throughout Australia - for almost thirty years!

18) ClearPack

A small business, ClearPack started as a specialist packaging supplier for wholesalers, but later expanded into the party/home catering business. It aims to provide individualized services to its clients.

19) Pouch Direct

This company provides a range of flexible packaging bags, including pouches and tamper-proof packaging bags.

20) Big Red Packaging

Provides end-users and resellers with industrial packaging supplies. Its products include cardboard boxes, bubble-wraps, and bubble envelopes.

"I liked them because they are strong, do the job, and what I need for my company and they arrived on time."

Parting Thoughts

Packaging design is an activity that demands time, effort, and money. Therefore, it is essential to find a supplier that precisely meets your needs.

The list above of the top twenty packaging companies will ease your search for your perfect match.

To find out more email the team at PakCo at Or speak to us by calling: (03) 9751 7977.

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