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Food and Product Packaging Melbourne

New products are being launched in the market every single day. As a result of this, the competition in the aisles and on the racks of shops is increasing. Old products are being pushed to the back while the new ones are displayed at the front.

If you want your product to gain the attention of the potential buyers, make sure it stands out. Attractive product packaging can highlight your product on such competitive shelves and encourage the customers to test it out.

In such scenarios packaging acts as the bait while the quality of your product hooks the customer to your product.

Being amongst the leading food packaging suppliers in Melbourne, PakCo offers you an enormous variety of packaging services. We can make your product stand out on crowded shelves. Our practices have been shaped through decades of experience.

Let us help you achieve your goals.

Versatile Packaging Solutions

We offer a wide range of packaging solutions for our customers. After years of packaging supplies, there is no task we cannot handle. In fact, packaging food has become one of our fortes.

From dry food to wet items, powders to liquids, we offer a wide variety of packaging services.

Here are some of the solutions we offer:

  • Box packaging
  • Flat bag packaging
  • Sprout pouches
  • Standup pouches
  • Doypacks
  • Shrink Wrapping
  • Flow wrapping
  • Gift Boxes for wholesale
  • Customizable packaging and so much more.

We offer our customers numerous options at each step of the packaging process. They not only get to share their ideas and designs, rather they have the option to select the packaging materials. Each packaging can be customized by adding additional features such as sealing type, flexibility, date coding, and tear notches.

Aesthetic and Creative Designs

At PakCo, we have adept designers and the latest technology at our facility through which we create aesthetic and creative packaging for your food items. We like to play with color combinations, textures, and features while drafting the optimal packaging for your item. Your input and ideas are welcomed and valued at every step.

Let us bring life to your ideas as you enjoy the new outlook of your product.


We value the time and effort you have put in while creating your product. That is why we offer a wide array of services, so that we may help you out every step of the way. A few of our services are listed below:

  • Pouch sealing
  • Package manufacturing
  • Packaging designing
  • Placing and filling
  • Mixing and Blending
  • Bagging
  • Labeling
  • Warehousing
  • Overwrapping
  • Contract Food manufacturing
  • Cap welding and customization

Timely Deliveries and Dedicated Attention

Managing a business is never easy and time delays only exacerbate the situation.

As competent food packaging suppliers, we guarantee timely deliveries. Before commencing the project, timelines are established and adhered to. Bulk processing allows us to package large items in minimum time.

Your work is important to us. It deserves dedicated attention round the clock. Our proficient staff is here to look after your every need. We provide you with executive service and guarantee exceptional user experience for your customers.

"I liked them because they are strong, do the job, and what I need for my company and they arrived on time."

Pair Up With PakCo Now!

As leading packaging suppliers, we have decades of experience. We value your every packaging need and are here to create the most optimal packaging for your product. Start expanding your food business today with the help of our aesthetic and user-friendly packaging.

If you have any ambiguity or question, contact us now for further details.

Email the team at PakCo at Or speak to us by calling: (03) 9751 7977.

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