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What is Doypack?

Doypack is also called a stand-up pouch. It is a type of packaging that can stand erect on its bottom and can be left unassisted - making it flexible for usage.

Doypacks are usually made up of multi layered materials that provide stability and flexibility to the pouches. It contains various plastic films, paper, foil, etc. There are also several design options available.

Doypacks are usually used for the packaging of powders, sauces, spices, dried fruits and nuts, pet food, ready to drink beverages, etc. The bottom part of a doypack is gusseted or folded inwards to provide support to the pouch so that it can stand upright.

Types of Doypacks

Typically, doypacks are of three types:

  1. Side-folded Pouch

It is a square shaped pouch, gusseted inwards from sides. It is mostly used for the packaging of biscuits, pet food, detergents, etc. It does not contain a zipper but a closing clip may be present

  1. Box Pouch

It is a new type of stand-up pouch with a much greater capacity for accommodating the product, which makes it a more economical and eco-friendly option. It enhances the shelf-presence of products. It comes with a zipper and can be resealed.

  1. Q-pack – Vacuum Bag

It is made up of such materials that keep the air outside to reduce the invasion of foreign particles. Vacuum packing is excellent for increasing the shelf life of your products.

Custom-made Doypacks at PakCo

As the leading packaging suppliers in Sydney, PakCo offers the best quality custom made doypacks of different shapes and sizes especially manufactured according to your needs. You can select from a vast majority of designs the type of doypack packaging which suits your products.

We produce customized doypack packaging solutions that work for your specific product. Customer’s satisfaction and convenience is our first priority. We design bespoke doypacks that are not only high quality, but also greatly handy and easy to use. Most of them even come with a tear notch or zipper so that the pouch can be resealed, keeping the contents inside fresh.

Doypack Options

At PakCo, you can choose your required type of doypack from following options:

  • Doypack with spout

Doypacks with spouts are mostly recommended for liquid-based products because they aid in easy pouring without the fear of spillage. The position of a spout is customizable, can be in the middle or the corner.

  • Doypack with valve

It is used for coffee packaging because coffee, after 24 hours of being packaged, releases carbon dioxide. A one-way valve is fitted at the top of the pouch for gas emission.

  • Doypack with a hole punch

In this type of doypack, a hole is punched near the seal area for easy hanging of the pouches in a rack.

  • Doypack with rounded corners

Rounded corners provide a better look to doypacks. It enhances the sale by attracting customers.

  • Doypack with tear nick

A tear nick provides easy access to the contents of the pouch without the need for knives or scissors, hence maintain the integrity of the pouch.

  • Doypack with zip lock

Zip lock allows you to reopen and reclose the pouch whenever you need. It also minimizes the risk of spillage.

  • Doypack with an adhesive label

We can provide an adhesive label facility so you can get customized yet standard type of packaging for your product.

"I liked them because they are strong, do the job, and what I need for my company and they arrived on time."

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