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To have delicious, aromatic ground coffee in package boxes sounds like a dream. Daily users are often unsuspecting and stay neutral between coffee in a jar and coffee beans in box packaging and coffee bags.

Let us consider a holistic view of what coffee bags are, what are its offerings, and how does it differ from its substitute tea bags.

Understanding A Coffee Bag

Coffee bags are just like tea bags. However, PakCo offers premium coffee bags with a feel of luxury that come in customizable packaging.

Different from instant coffee, coffee bags contain intact whole and finely ground coffee beans.

Moreover, coffee bags use only 30% of the ground coffee beans which makes it a lot more convenient to wash and scrub the utensils later.

Quality of Coffee Bags Australia

Coffee bags only achieve their intended purpose when they are of high, premium quality. PakCo offers the highest premium coffee bags and related packaging supplies to ensure coffee stays fresh and intact for longer.

Our services for high quality coffee bags are counted amongst the top coffee packaging in Australia.

Features of Coffee Bags

Our packaging boxes, especially for coffee bags, are easy to use and offer most features since it is resealable

  • Provides protection against moisture and harsh UV light
  • Available in a wide range of different sizes
  • Made from sustainable, bio-degradable material
  • One stop packaging supply solution

Flavor Content

Companies like PakCo are cognizant to the consumers’ demand for rich coffee flavor.

However, different packaging boxes adversely affect the quality and flavor content of its coffee. We, therefore, have crafted a solution for this issue with respect to packaging in Sydney.

Our boxes’ packaging ensures highest protection and impressive durability against difficult weather conditions

Ease of Use

Coffee bags are a lot easier to employ and use. You will have to simply open the bag, pour it into a mug, and pour boiling water over it. Brew for a few minutes and one will have a fresh cup of coffee with a delicious aftertaste of a cuppa made by a coffee connoisseur.

PakCo’s boxes for packaging for coffee promise the same convenience by delivery excellent quality of coffee bags coupled with resealable bags.

Brew Your Packaging, Roast Your Competition

It is not enough to have good ground bean coffee. What is essential is the product’s placement, differentiation, and a packaging box that stands out from the competition especially in Australia.

To help our clientele from coffee businesses, we offer the most dynamic combination between visual aesthetics and functionality of the packaging boxes

Our customizable packaging includes:

  • Edge to edge high graded coffee bags
  • Premium quality labelling
  • Clear and spacious label content
  • Use of vibrant color

Coffee Bags Range

We offer a wide variety of coffee bags options to choose from. Our services are a perfect fit for both small quantity orders and large quantity orders.

Coffee bags that are tailored for clients’ specific needs lead to an increase turn around and boosts return on investment.

Bottom Line

While there are multiple packaging suppliers in Melbourne, PakCo strives to stand out with its quality food packaging in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. Our specialist team, years of experience, state of the art technologies, commitment to delighting our customers, and unique coffee packaging techniques make us stand out and, in turn, the ideal choice.

PakCo stands for excellence and vows to manufacture coffee bags for coffee companies that wish to deliver their coffee directly from the farms and just as aromatic, fresh, and rich in flavor.

"I liked them because they are strong, do the job, and what I need for my company and they arrived on time."

For More Information

Email the team at PakCo at Or speak to us by calling: (03) 9751 7977.

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