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The food processing and packaging supplies industry is a vital contributor to the Australian economy.

According to the Australian Trade and Investment Commission, beverage and food manufacturing provides the most employment across Australia.

Moreover, the industry fetches over $18 billion through worldwide exports, mainly to countries like China, Japan, New Zealand, USA, and Korea.

Let us begin by discussing how marketing innovation has led to the food packaging and processing industry’s progress.

Marinated Meat – One Of The Speediest Subsectors

As per IBISWorld, domestic meat demand has been over 10 percent on average over the last decade.

Anecdotally, butcher cabinet spaces for seasoned or marinated meat has increased even more rapidly, going from 15 percent (around ten years ago) to nearly 50 percent in 2016.

This shows that Australian households are increasingly short of time, and turning towards convenient food options. Retailers have exploited this trend by increasing stock keeping units (SKU) by including briskets, short ribs, meatloaves, and beef cheeks.

All this packaging for products is being done in aluminum packaging supplies such as ready-to-cook aluminum trays.

The marinated meat example has been used to highlight the importance of identifying and exploiting market opportunities through market innovations.

In this case, the opportunity is about capturing increased value from the core products and package supplies offered by meat processors.

Recent Manufacturing Shifts Have Helped The Food Industry

The significant influence of food processing on the manufacturing industry is not something new.

However, owing to recent shifts in manufacturing works, beverage and food have become pivotal to the future of one of Australia’s most impactful industries.

The food processing industry employs over 300,000 workers and contributes nearly three times more value than the second-largest manufacturing subsector – equipment and machinery and fabricated metal.

The Australian food and grocery sector will have an increasingly defining role in the country’s future manufacturing base.

This is because conventional manufacturing areas, such as car manufacturing, are moving offshore, coupled with the high export demand for Australian food products.

Food Processing Will Define The Future Of The Manufacturing Industry

The prospects for beverage and food manufacturing are promising, and the positive international image will help the subsector in continuing to flourish.

Despite the challenging domestic conditions, food processing has shown continued export surge and is a crucial export growth area.

Another key advantage is the country’s reputation as a clean and green producer of foods. Combining this advantage with the rising world demand for food products, and you have immense opportunities for driving jobs and increasing investment in the future.

This should be music to the ears of manufacturing industry professionals since they will be able to depend upon beverages and food for the sustenance and growth of the manufacturing sector.

There will be numerous, diverse employment opportunities in the field, as Australia will continue to strive to fulfill the demand for the country’s products.

As the food processing sector continues to become indispensable for Australian manufacturing, it will be a good idea for job seekers to join hands with recruitment agencies specializing in steering the flows and ebbs of this intricate industry.


To derive optimal benefit from the booming food processing industry, food manufacturers and processors should target particular market segments instead of selling generic items.

Focusing on areas such as health consciousness, convenience, and animal and environmental welfare will also help.

Most importantly, however, in a high-wage nation like Australia, the most successful food processors will be the ones who are the least dependent upon labor, most cost-effective resistant to international competition.

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Food processing industry

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